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CR Dicks - Go In lp + cd + dvd


Cedar Rapids Dicks... get it? Andy from Horrors / Autodramatics with a wacked out garage / punk / funk mess that's it's own fucking thing, for real! On the f'in pipe, slurred and mean. Raw doggin! The same kinda great riffs & catchy songs as Andy's earlier bands, just splattered with some new kinda paint & wall. Potent stuff from an underground potentate. Fans of Gories, Horrors, and Hunches should find something to lurch to, here, for sure.

With CD and DVD included! 

Sold out at the source, get it now. 

TERMINAL BOREDOM'S Rob Vertigo opines

Go In is the real folk blues. The cumulative sounds of Midwest frustration, abandoned shopping centers and shucked corn husks, gone rotten. All this is pounded into a foot-long dirt clod and left to whirl about in a trailer-tearing tornado of trashed transistors, patchchord knots and shit-blues antics. What's left behind after this storm subsides is a batch of degenerate dope-funk and garage punk hybrids, peering up through the rust and and rubble of overturn farm machinery. Off-putting overdub damage peers from every cranny. Pianos plink off time and a trashcan clatter surges. Tracks like 'Let Me Ride', 'Unnatural' and 'The Government' should shatter the eardrums of any fidelity challenged fanboys out there still left clamoring for The Horrors third coming. This is quite understandable, as the main Dick on deck (Andy Caffrey) was key to that racket as well. Elsewhere, low-end rumbler 'Periwinkle Cadillac' could double as a sinister Mellow Gold outtake and 'Stop Looking at Me' or 'Hit That Shit' groove like lost JSBX Experimental Remixes. Bonus points are given for the Skeksis sampling during the "Smoking Dark Crystal" meth bash. White boy (w)rap combats an operatic femme-fueled infomercial during the agitated shamble of 'Gyro Hut' (another beloved Midwest staple) and when tunes like 'Retardism' unravel in static and wonk, you'd believe Taziki sauce is all the glue holding they have holdin' this slop together. Sure, one would assume a hodge-podge like this wouldn't work or shouldn't even be attempted, but this batch of tunes come together quite flawlessly (or at least they walk away with only the most minor abrasions). A fearless and fun party platter, featuring some of the best gut-bucket crunk and soul-splatter of this ilk since Dial M For Motherfucker debuted. Did ya' dig hard on the Lo-Fi Jerkheads, the King Brothers/Gasoline Stax phase or maybe that epic Junkpile Jimmy collection? Have you been shaking to the fits, hoping Bim would roll another Obnox joint? Well strap into your hazmat suit, brother bears. The time has come to step into this foil rimmed Winnebago. In Cedar Rapids, the blues may still be #1 - but they're followed closely by bathtub pharmaceuticals, Greek cuisine and axel grinds. Mad respect.

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