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Posted: Oct 4, 2015 8:30 pm | Edited by: Roy Vucino
Montreal's 'Birds of Paradise' (members of Red Mass/PYPY/ex-CPC Gangbangs/Les Sexareenos) joined Edmonton punks, 'Slates', to record 2 eery country tracks. The Birds of Paradise/Slates release for Zaxxon records includes a cover of Suicide's "Diamonds, Fur Coat and Champagne” and an original tune “Ghost of a Lover".

And, just like the OGs in Suicide, who proved punk could be as much about drum machines and synths as distorted guitars and leather, these collected musicians show how raw, direct and thrilling a good, slow country tune can sound.
Birds of Paradise and Slates' Suicide cover is the B-side to the original eerie ballad "Ghost of a Lover," whose slow-build "live fast but die oh so slowly" fatalism can be traced back to the late Jason Molina, whose devastation country-rock intimacy is a pinnacle of the genre. With two drums, three guitars, bass, electronics and BoP's Hannah Lewis on vocals, the two bands come together to form one absolute beast. - Richard Trapunski (Chart Attack)

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