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Posted: Aug 18, 2015 8:36 pm

All tracks from the archive of Jaime Paul Lamb from tapes recorded between 1993 & 1999 in the USA.

Slovenly has ganged up with Black Gladiator to “KBD 90s” with a tore-up double LP called “WE’RE LOUD: 90s Cassette Punk Unknowns.” What we got here is 33 scuzzed out tracks by 19 unknown bands from micro-released and unreleased cassettes recorded across the USA between 1993 & 1999 - totally off the radar and outsider as fuck. One perverted cat named Jaime Paul Lamb was at the helm of the whole thing, forming bands and recording them and others’ on his Yamaha MT50, and acquiring similar tapes from other punk vermin in between halfway house pit stops.

Some of the most completely tasteless and juvenile swill we’ve ever heard resides in these grooves: THE FUCKING PIGS paean to crotch-rot “Herpes Attack” is here, as is their proud proclamation “(I’m a) Date Rapist.” Hell, two songs on the first LP alone have “C U Next Tuesday” in the title thanks to MEGA & THE NYRDZ and THE BARF BAGS. Still, there’s more than just obnoxious sputum here. Vegas’ LES FLEUR DU MAL kick down two bona fide classic power-pop tracks, THE DROP OUTS (one of a ton of combos at the time with that moniker - this one from Costa Mesa) dump a Flipper-fied sludge bomb in “She’s a Jyrk,” VAN BUREN WHEELS romp and stomp with savage 60s style Pacific Northwest garage, and LUKEY & THE CHICKEN SLITZ and OBLONG BOXERS both make with bizarro black tar burners. We couldn’t make this shit up! But we’re glad somebody did.
Posted: Aug 19, 2015 7:59 pm
Thanks for the heads up, BJ. Any chance you could list band names with locale? I'm assuming some liner notes will have this info, I'm just curious now.
Posted: Aug 20, 2015 2:18 pm | Edited by: bazooka joe
How's this?


Mega & the Nyrdz
“Rip Your Cunt” / “I Lurk”
Houston, TX 1994. Mega was a transplant from Huntington Beach, CA who found himself stranded in Houston for a year. Mega himself sings on ”I Lurk”, a tune about a creepy stalker boyfriend laying down his idea of relationship ground rules for his new gal. The “Rip Your Cunt” singer moved to Salt Lake City to become a skinhead. He also got into backyard wrestling, and presumably, methamphetamines. Years after this recording, he tried contacting the other Nyrdz to play a Nazi skinhead festival in Idaho. They said no.

Pink Fingers
“The Pink Fingers Theme” / “Man In Pain”
Phoenix, AZ 1996. The Pink Fingers all dropped out of school when they were just 13. They hated old people and they don't read books. They don't even brush their teeth! So punk. ”Man In Pain” was written about the singers’ girlfriend who had been giving him trouble. He told me later that one thing that helped him get over her was to remember one time that he went down on her and wound up with a blood clot covered in pubes in his mouth. Perhaps the punkest man alive. No one knows where he is today.

“Coach Blake”
Phoenix, AZ 1993. When I told him we were comping ”Coach Blake,” Dismalt's singer asked that he remain anonymous should the actual Coach Blake ever hear this and attempt to sue for libel or slander or whatever. Doubtful that a 75 year old gym teacher is ever going to hear Dismalt's classic middle school diss.

Riky and the Buttz
“I’m Poor” / “We’re Ricky and the Buttz”
Costa Mesa, CA 1995. Riky Barnes skated for Black Label, Venture Trucks and Spitfire Wheels. He had this scorching little punk band that never made it out of the garage. They were so poor they pawned the drum set, and their theme song was performed on a cardboard box with a tambourine duct taped to it. Super punk.

Magister Ludi
“We’re Loud”
Phoenix, AZ 1993. "Now your hair is all burnt and fried. We bash our shit, baby, way out of tune. Your ears ring - your eyes bleed, and your mind is totally screwed!" Magister Ludi only recorded this lone classic and promptly disappeared. His whereabouts are unknown. Chris Olson (ancient Mabuhay habitue and drummer of the OFFS) from San Francisco supplied the weird drumbeat programming.


Les Fleur du Mal
“Look Into My Eyes” / “Sweet Sweet Satan”
Las Vegas, NV 1999. "Take my soul and guide my hand - Sweet Sweet Satan's gonna walk with me!" Three guys who loved Herman's Hermits and serial killer culture. They had a penchant for writing catchy power pop with sinister lyrics. They also did a great cover of Charlie Manson's ”Look At Your Game, Girl.” A few years later they became Las Vegas garage punkers The Dirty Babies, and released a long player on Vegas’ Wood Shampoo Records.

Drop Outs
“She’s a Jyrk”
Costa Mesa, CA 1995. It seemed like every city had a garage punk band called 'The Drop Outs' in the 90s. This is Orange County's contribution. Ridiculously sludged-out, distorted, lo-fi punk. These guys used to play with The Stitches and Duane Peters' Exploding Fuck Dolls all over Orange County. Like Riky & the Buttz, theypawned all of their gear and stopped playing.

Van Buren Wheels
“C’mon and Be Mine”
Phoenix, AZ 1997. The Van Buren Wheels could have been something. They had a huge following in their native Phoenix and were an incredible live band, like one of their main influences The Lyres. VBW recorded a full length and many other demos that have yet to see the light of day. The best of those will be cut to a 10inch and released by Slovenly later in 2015

Barf Bags
“I’m a Sissy” / “Community Cunt” / “Beat It Up”
Phoenix, AZ 1996. "Blue-vein jerker in the bathroom stall, I'm an all-night worker with no hair on my balls, Momma used to scold me so pretend that you're her. Daddy's no good - he looks like Raymond Burr!" SICK. ”I’m a Sissy” is DMZ-style Stooge-punk from the Valley of the Sun. “Community Cunt” is a true story about a girl who shall remain nameless. How come if a guy fucks everybody he's a stud, but if a woman does the same thing she's a slut?! The Barf Bags didn't mind sharing. "I beat it up, until I get a nut..." Ahh, the joys of autoerotica! Who needs other people anyway?


The Crawlers
“Black Monday” / “I’m Gonna End It Tonight” / “I’m Gonna Kill You”
Phoenix, AZ 1993. The Crawlers were probably the first band I documented on the Yamaha MT50. Recorded in a $125 / mo duplex in a total barrio with a Radio Shack mic suspended from it's own cord wrapped around a ceiling light fixture. The influences were first four years era Black Flag and Thee Mighty Caesars, when Teengenerate was still only a song on the 'Tators "Go Girl Crazy.” Seminal PHX garage punk.

The Fucking Pigs
“(“I’m a) Date Rapist” / “Herpes Attack”
Huntington Beach, CA 1998. The Fucking Pigs consisted of Mega (Nyrdz), Frankie (Winners), Lukey (Drop Outs / Chicken Slitz) and myself. We all managed to find ourselves in close proximity and cut this session at Mega's house on cassette 8 track. Back up vocals courtesy of Spencer and Brandon of ancient OC punkers Shattered Faith.

Heck Yeahs
“I’m Better Than You” / “Headless Clown (I Am, I Am)” / “I Always Hated You”
Phoenix, AZ 1993. Record store guys in a band. The Heck Yeahs made about 20 copies of their cassette EP entitled, "The Pappy Sessions". Good luck finding one. I have two.


“I’m Always Wrong”
Phoenix, AZ 1993. The Lumps were so retardedly punk they reminded me of a 90's version of the Keggs. You wanted to throw eggs at them. Rob Fait (guitar player / songwriter / spoken-word-part-in-the-middle guy) had a green mohawk that he used to stiffen with epoxy. One day his mohawk broke off. The next day he had Doc Martens, braces and a Fred Perry on. He had taken that opportunity to become a skinhead.

Mid City Nuisance
“I Go Creep”
Phoenix, AZ 1994. Mid City Nuisance is Travys Gold. He and I were working together in a record store a millionyears ago and we traded a lot of music on cassette. This is one of Travys' early forays into home recording. I think he played every instrument on this cut. He's still at it in Phoenix recording uptight, lo-fi punk out of his living room under the name Phoenix Casual.

Lukey and the Chicken Slitz
“Johnny’s Packing a Gun”
Costa Mesa, CA 1995. This is what my mother would call "druggie music.” She would have been right. Lukey (who played drums in the Drop Outs) and the boys, living in a complete and total den of iniquity in Costa Misery, were near the end of their journey as a band. Most of the pawnable gear was gone and they didn't know how to get shows. I was around, so I tried my best to record the band on my MT50 but I kept falling asleep.

Oblong Boxers
“Have You Ever Had a Guy Roll Up On You”
Minneapolis, MN, 1999 - This tune came about during a less than auspicious getaway in MN (the recovery capital of America!), whereupon I came into contact with some righteous garage punkers (hey Mike and Jason!) with a nice Yamaha 8 track cassette recorder. The guys on this recording can be heard with MPLS trash kings The Fret Rattles.

Houston TX, 1994. There was this very young (too young?) punker chick who was around at the time and she had her tunes so I recorded her and her band The Rosebuds. She was dating the singer of Mega & the Nyrdz (the skinhead / backyard wrestler) so he enlisted some big boys to help realize his girlfriends vision. I still talk to her. Hi Lizzy! Here's your record. She's a darkwave DJ in Austin.

People’s Court
“We’re Gonna Die”
Houston TX, 1994. This was a one-off project by a few of us who lived in this guy Brew's house in Houston for a minute. We wanted to do a take on the old "1-2-5" Haunted riff, as filtered through the Lipstick Killers' "Hindu Gods of Love" off of Destination Bomp, for all of you garage dorks who care about the lineage (Yeah, we hadn’t considered a thing until now. - Ed.). The lyrics are pretty Samoan...or is that simian?

“1,2, You’re a Whore” / “Jenny Was a Christian” / “Johnny’s Night Out”
Tuscon, AZ 1994. The Winners were the side project of one Tucson luminary who disowned the band and doesn't want his name associated with the material - which is good, because the tunes that he wrote and sang with the group were totally fucking gay. The three choice blasts here were written and sang by my favorite Winner, Frankie (Violence) Humphries. He later had a band called Frankie Violence & his Deputies (featuring Luke Smalley of Lukey & The Chicken Slitz) who put out a 45 of a couple Winners outtakes. We crossed pathsagain in Los Angeles and I was able to procure a cassette copy of this impeccable trash.
Posted: Aug 20, 2015 3:51 pm
Thanks, BJ! This is great!
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