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Posted: Aug 17, 2015 4:04 pm
Dear all,

Finally the Red Mass and Birds of Paradise 7"s have come to life!


The brainchild of Roy Vucino AKA Choyce (Sexareenos, CPC Gangbangs, PyPy, and MANY more), the encompassing musical and visual collective platform Red Mass, is back with four tunes of electronic pop punk/psychedelic space rock 'n' roll. Featuring Mike Hepner.

The 7" EP is limited to 500 copies featuring two artworks by Roy Vucino and Elzo Durt, both on black and mixed colored RECORDS.

Get your copy here: http://www.ssldrecords.com/product/red-mass-7-ep-ssld-034


Another release from Montreal's favorite Roy Vucino AKA Choyce (Los Sexareenos, CPC Gangbangs, PyPy, and MANY more) and Hannah Lewis delivering two smoked out and mournful folk/psych/pop/blues tunes. Featuring Blake Eaton of Cockroaches, Laterreur and Pouf.

The 7" is limited to 300 copies featuring two artworks by Roy Vucino and Elzo Durt, both on black and random colored RECORDS.

Get your copy here: http://www.ssldrecords.com/product/birds-of-paradise-7-ssld-035

Still few copies of the THING LP: http://www.ssldrecords.com/product/thing-lp-ssld-033

Coming next: Nick Lloyd's Radio Burns, Tom Potter's Choke Chains, new Montreal sensation Paul Jacobs and Mike (T.T.) Rodgers' (Irritations, Daylight Lovers, and Vomit Squad) The Rejecters! And keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming sub-label Sour Moon Records which will be home to deeper, darker, and twisteder mutant blues/jazz/rock too weird for all the Lovie Dolls with first release of John Schooley and Walter Daniels' Meet Your Death!

Mr. Z and The Mayor

Solid Sex Lovie Doll Records

'Made with Real R n R Extract'
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