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Posted: Feb 12, 2014 8:03 pm
JOHNNY ILL BAND "Post Office" b/w "Mark Is In The Car With My Dad" 7"


Kicking off Dusty Medical's busy 2014 release schedule is the latest from Detroit's delightfully shambolic quintet, Johnny Ill Band. After a classic LP and a run of stellar 45s for such labels as

Italy, X!, and most recently the legendary Too Pure imprint, Johnny Ill & company bring you two of their most frantic and weird tunes yet, "Post Office" and the b-side "Mark Is In The Car With My

Dad". The Onion/AV Club called Johnny Ill Band "stomping, sarcastic rock 'n' roll, with angular guitars, caveman rhythms, and droning keyboards scoring Ill's firsthand observations about his happy

dirtbag existence" while Johnny himself says "it's got pop's jauntiness, with punk's blemishes. These are 'pop songs from my perspective.'" Hear it for yourself here:

Limited to 300 copies (50 on yellow vinyl)




$8.50 ppd USA
$14.50 ppd CANADA



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Posted: Feb 19, 2014 11:02 am

It's psychedelic sounds and caveman stomping, sarcastic rock 'n' roll with angular guitars and droning keyboards and drums. Short but sweet 2-3 minute tracks on this 7″ vinyl. These singles were recorded at Brooksfield Gentlemen's Club by Adam Cox in Detroit. Limited to 300 copies. Not bad at all!
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