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Posted: Oct 26, 2013 1:55 pm
Webstore Update / 10.26.13


Not much news on the label front but here is a quick status update ... BRAIN F≠ "Empty Set" LP tests have been approved and we are looking for a late November / Early Decmber release! This of course will be a split with Sorry State Records who is also opening a new Record Store this weekend, so if you are ever in the Raleigh, NC area be sure to check it out (or make a road trip because I'm sure it will be worth it).

Some awesome news though - due to either some strange fluke, or record pressing plant employees finally discovering Adderall, the HARD STRIPES 7" on Vinyl Conflict got pressed about a MONTH earlier than we planned and is currently en route to us! We hope to have this 7" in circulation by mid November! We will have a track and some other info posted within the next week or so, so stay tuned.

For those patiently waiting on the official versions of the 86 MENTALITY and STRIKING DISTANCE LPs to finally surface, we've been working on the art for both for the past week and hopefully we can get these releases wrapped up and out before the year is up! Let's be honest, they would make great X-mas presents, am I right? Thanks to everyone for your patience I know plenty of you have been eagerly waiting these reissues and I'm sorry it's taken us so long to deliver!

That's about it for now ... of course the COKE BUST "Confined" 12" and RED DONS "Notes on the Underground" 7" are still fresh as can be, so grab em if you haven't yet!

Now, on to the webstore update ...


WHAT'S NEW FOR 10/24/2013:

Let's get down to it, some incredible and somewhat overlapping new releases from both 540 Records and Beach Impediment records this month - we've got the devastating debut LP from THE IMPALERS, the IMPALERS/VAASKA split 7", the VAASKA/SKIZOPHRENIA 7", and the third 7" from OBLITERATION! If you were lucky enough to catch VAASKA and IMPALERS on tour this summer, you may have had some sneak previews on some of these releases, but if not then be glad that these are finally available to the masses; picked up some copies of the SHOCKED MINDS LP which features some dudes in bands you should have liked playing more music you probably will like (I'll leave it at that ... check the description below!); the debut "Raw Life" 12" from RIVAL MOB is back in print so I was able to grab copies of that for all of you too cheap or broke to pay the $50+ ebay price tag for a first press copy; speaking of Lockin Out I also grabbed a few copies of the "Flesh & Bone" 7" from TX's BACK TO BACK.

I mentioned this release in the last update, but we also grabbed the cassette version of the new GENERACION SUICIDA LP (stocked up on the vinyl version earlier this month). I definitely recommend checking this one out (on either format) because it's great! I also picked up some sweet new releases from Hardly Art including the new LA LUZ 12" (which I have been listening to nonstop since it came out) and the latest JACUZZI BOYS LP as well.

There are a bunch more rad releases in this update, but I'm going to cut myself off here as to not waste ALL of your Friday with my ramblings so check the list below and see if anything grabs your attention because it should! Thanks for reading and have a Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!

SITE: www.gravemistakerecords.com
STORE: www.gravemistakerecords.com/catalog
BANDCAMP: gravemistakerecords.bandcamp.com
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/gravemistakerecords
TUMBLR: gravemistakerecords.tumblr.com/
TWITTER: www.twitter.com/gravemistakerex

For a full list of new webstore titles (with descriptions) please check out:
http://gravemistakerecords.blogspot.com/2013/10/webstore-update-impale rs-vaaska.html
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