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Posted: Sep 5, 2013 12:08 pm
I've opened a webstore. Orders can be placed there or through the website.
coatofarmsdistro.blogspot dot com/
coatofarmsrecords.storenvy dot com/

BITS OF SHIT - Meat Thump 7" $6

Bits of Shit are the toughest gang in town. Four jean vested droogs out for a good time who aren't scared to show some muscle if the situation arises. The club everyone wants to be a part of but no one wants to stand across from. Well the boys really delivers on this one. Two tracks of brain crushing punk. Ferocious, guitar damaged, and completely essential. Mid-era Flag with an unhinged loon as a front man who howls, growls, and sneers his way through both tracks. Equal parts Bonn Scott and Johnny Rotten. I don't know what cave they dragged this guy out of, but they're the better for it because he's got the best voice in the game. The living embodiment of every character Lee Ving played in the early 80's and just the kind of guy you want leading your club. TOTAL PUNK!!!!

PISSWALKER - Demo Cassette $4

PISSWALKER's demo is pumped with abrasive fury. Five one minute blasters with dirty chainsaw guitar tone and riffs like GAUZE. The lyrics are sung in Spanish. A wonderful demo that stinks of demented midwest. Omaha, Nebraska can kneel to it's greatest hardcore band ever. If 80's Japanese hardcore and that Cleveland sound are remotely interesting to you, this will have you smashing your dining room chairs in seconds.

Fortunately Tian An Men 89 records is cranking out releases this year. Here are a few, rockin' out of Muslim nations.


The most acknowledged punk from Africa historically has been from South Africa. Five bands on Chaos In Morocco brings insight to punk from the other end of the continent. ZLLAQ WELLA MOUT kick things off with mid tempo punk that carries nice melody. A little bit of ska is mixed into one of the songs. ZWM would fit nicely in at Hellcat Records or Fat Wreck Chords camp. The vocals are sung in native tongue, thankfully. Weather or not it is Moroccan Arabic or Berber I can't tell. W.O.R.M. claim to be Morocco's first ever hardcore band. True or not, W.O.R.M. is fierce. While the songs vary slightly in style they are all fashioned after US hardcore. The first track has an air of OUT COLD so this is a no brainer. It seems like HOBA HOBA SPIRIT is difficult to describe. I don't know anything of Moroccan folk music or pop, rock and roll and HOBA HOBA SPIRIT sounds so different to western ears. However I think the explanation is simple. The lyrics here are not in English. The songs are rife with sounds native to the country. HOBA HOBA SPIRIT is Moroccan punk. I eat this kind of shit up personally. These three songs (one's a cover) will challenge the punk parameters you have set. Great stuff. RIOT STONES tear through two songs of blistering hardcore thrash crossover. One in English the other not. Headbanging would not be out of line here. THE PROTESTERS round out the comp. One song of mid tempo punk rock and roll. Reminiscent RANCID's Let's Go album with vocals that aren't as annoying.

DETOX / BEIRUT SCUM SOCIETY Underground Lebanon Split 7" $6

DETOX is female fronted misanthropic powerhouse of hardcore/punk. The frustration with humankind and, the culture and society created by them is present in this record with zero frills. "I feel I need a chainsaw down the street.... You're asking for it sitting in your car"! Tell us how you really feel. "Great White Human" even damns imaginary friends cause it'd be another human being to put up with. Woah! DETOX slashes through the bullshit. Musically this one hell of a ride. Few bands can skip from on place to another musically without leaving the listener feeling uncomfortable. Fortunately DETOX is one of the few. On the whole they stick more to brutal and harsh punk. Eight songs flowing one to the other with no seams. BEIRUT SCUM SOCIETY's first track "Cheap Thrills" is an ode to nihilistic, substance abusing party life and sounds like East Bay Ray had a hand in writing. Needless to say it has some cool guitar work in the fold. In all, the songs are upbeat rock n roll you could dance too but, they are still rough as hell. A lot like THE SUICIDE COMMANDOS and PLASMATICS in their early years complete with vocals fashioned like a Wendy 'O Williams who lost her mind and is scratching at the walls of a rubber room.

OVERKILL FOR PROFIT / EDEM - Oiled Caspian Shores Split 7" $6

Oiled Caspian Shores features two bands from Baku City in Azerbaijan. I am guessing a lot of people have never heard of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan shares Iran's northern border. EDEM and OVERKILL FOR PROFIT sing in Azerbaijani and have English translations of the lyrics. OVERKILL FOR PROFIT play hardcore with the aggressive style of late 90's and early 00's straight edge bands like CARRY ON, TEN YARD FIGHT and HOLDING ON with a melodic edge like that of CHAMPION. EDEM open with a spacey, clean guitar tapping riff that is pretty infectious quickly joined by a crazy bass line. The following is pop punk revisting themes on the opening. Not a kind of old school RAMONES type of pop but the "Defend Pop Punk" around now. The result is this CAP'N JAZZ / MAN OVERBOARD mixed tune. The second song is straight modern day pop punk.


Never Mind The Taqwacores is a Pakistani compilation. There are eight bands on the 7" comp so you have a feeling of what's to come. The title is obviously a dis to Taqwacore so I'm going to go out on a limb here and say these bands believe there is no room for Islam in punk. Probably all religions for that matter. The A side is more relaxed with only two bands. The first, MARG play a downtrodden post hardcore song with lyrics in Punjabi?. CORNHOLE sounds like they are shooting for an IRON MAIDEN sort of thing but aren't quite ready for prime time. BVLGHVM grindcore. 10 seconds of blast beats, a heavy breakdown and then one more second of blast beats. CHOOTS plays some crazy demented DC hardcore like VOID and UNITED MUTATION. MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS mix hardcore, grind and thrash riffs. FORESKIN is sure to be hated by the politically correct and shreds like VILENTLY ILL. GLORIFIED WHORE MONGERS play 80's hardcore thrash like SIEGE, RIPCORD and RUPTURE. KAFIR E AZAM is another grindcore blazer.

DISTORT #41 Fanzine $3

Includes a great retrospective interview with THE HUNCHES surrounding the "Exit Dreams" LP, a chat with Canada's NIGHT PROWLER, and AARON ASPINWALL (Repos) about his writing. Also features writing/reviews on: Harry Crews, Repairs, Lost Domain, Waste Management, Factorymen, Jackman, Harald Grosskopf, Whores, Inservibles, Vile Gash, Schizophasia, Bits of Shit, Salvation, No Balls. Plus a great centerfold courtesy of Shiva Addanki. US edition with red cover printed and distributed by Feel It.

DISTORT #42 Fanzine $3

Interviews with OMEGAS, new OZ hardcore sensations NS MAYHEM, a great look back at 60s Aussie rockers THE THROB, RED RED KROVVY, BEASTIANITY, and DREW GATES. Writing/reviews on: E.M. Cioran, Justin Fuller, Oily Boys, Wet Cloth, Soma Coma, Hyperspace Vision, Croation Amor, LR, X-TG / Throbbing Gristle, Lakes, The Clean, Constant Mongrel, U202, Destruction Unit. You can't go wrong with these new issues. US edition with red cover printed and distributed by Feel It.


Incredible international fanzine omnibus issue assembled by Tom/General Speech. HC Anachronistic Assembly #1 features contributions from: General Speech (US), Concrete Guerilla (US-formerly Accept The Darkness), Radiation Sickness (US), Decaptitated (Japan), Eskupe Al Alkade (Spain), La Ciudad Mas Feo Del Mundo (Spain), Sam Richards/Feel It Records (US), More Noize (UK), Night Rider More Than Fight (France), and Your War (US). Includes everything from interviews with old classic bands and new ones, history articles, photos, punk comics, movie reviews, old punk newspaper clippings, records reviews, gig reports, foreign touring advice, and just great writing about all things punk and hardcore. Contributors like a who's who of the contemporary HC zine scene, so if you like punk zines this is a no-brainer. 48 pages
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