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Posted: Aug 14, 2013 8:39 am
Emailed this out last week but never did my messageboard rounds, so here we go ...


Hello! It's been a little while since you've heard from me (and over a month since my last proper Webstore Update), so as always I'm going to try and keep this as short as can be but there is a bunch of news since the last month so thanks in advance for reading!

First off NIGHT BIRDS "Born to Die in Suburbia" LP news! Well as you may have noticed, we had a few delays and shot past our expected July 9th "release date" by three weeks or so ... the good news is that, despite unforeseen delays with the release, ALL of the preorders have shipped and this month you will begin seeing it pop up in your favorite store/distro/website if you haven't picked it up yet. Thanks to everyone for your patience, and hopefully the delay doesn't keep you from checking it out because it truly is an incredible LP, and the best NIGHT BIRDS record to date (which says a lot!). NIGHT BIRDS will be hitting the road with the one and only ZERO BOYS later this month for a quick tour, you can check out the dates here: https://www.facebook.com/events/542863959089319

The BIG EYES "Almost Famous" LP is finally available again! The first pressing sold out in less than a month, and despite a few more plant delays (see a trend here?) we've finally got the second press in our hands!!! You can pick up the record in the webstore as well, we've also got those killer package deals running if you need to grab and of the older BIG EYES releases as well! Speaking of represses, the SCHOOL JERKS LP and THE SHIRKS LP are also back in print! We've also repressed the awesome SOCIAL CIRCKLE "City Shock" LP on No Way, that record is just too good to go out of print!

On the upcoming release front, we were able to get advance copies of both the COKE BUST "Confined" 12" and RED DONS "Notes on the Underground" 7" for their respective tours, and we are now looking to have both of those releases officially out this September! If you were lucky enough to grab a tour version of either release, be sure to tell your friends how awesome these two releases are! We've still got the 86 MENTALITY LP and STRIKING DISTANCE LP vinyl sitting here with no covers, BUT one day this month I will fix that and these records WILL see the light of day this fall (although I said that in the spring too). I'm just building anticipation ... I've got a few more releases to announce shortly, but I'll save that for another time.

Finally, the second release on the new VINYL CONFLICT LABEL is now available! The debut three song 7" from Richmond's own DEVIL'S HAND. Check the description below and order the 7"! You can also stream the full EP here: http://gravemistakerecords.bandcamp.com/album/welcome-the-slaughter

I believe that's all on the Grave Mistake news front for now, if I remember anything after I send this, I'll be sure to tell you about it next week. Now, onto the webstore update ...


WHAT'S NEW FOR 8/9/2013:

A ton of new stuff since the last webstore update ... I've got the newest additions w/ descriptions listed first below, then we have a few killer titles that have been in the store since JULY however never got mentioned properly in an update. First of is the new DEVIL'S HAND 7" ... total ripper so be sure to pick it up! Then, the highly anticipated new LP from CRIMINAL DAMAGE! I spun this thing on repeat most of yesterday, it does NOT disappoint! I think it's taken a good 3-4 years to see the light of day, and trust me it was worth it! Also from Feral Ward is the debut LP from LONG KNIFE. We've got the brand new LP from TX's Criaturas, plus a few new Deranged titles including new LP's from YOUTH AVOIDERS and VOIGHT KAMPF, and new 7"s from NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS, WASTOIDS, NEGATIVE DEGREE, and SMARTBOYS (Featuring Jonah and Mike from FUCKED UP). I have also finally restocked on the new CULO LP - and this time I've got some limited COLOR VINYL that Deranged was nice enough to hook me up with for you collector scum.

In other new release news, grabbed all of the newest 540 releases (ALL of which are highly recommended) Including the FINAL CONFLICT and FRAMTID Demos LPs and a reissue of the BIG BOYS classic FUN FUN FUN; picked up the singles LP from Chicago's NOOSE, stocked up on a few titles from Olympia's PERENNIAL RECORDS including both MILK MUSIC LPs, the newest 7" output from MN's CONDOMINIUM, the debut 7" from Richmond VA's AR-KAICS (killer 60's garage featuring members of THE SHIRKS), the new GAG 12" with incredible cover art and an even more incredible title; plus a handful of killer demos from Atlanta's MERCENARY, Boston's SAVAGEHEADS and CONTINGENT, SEMPER EADEM which is the newest brainchild of 86 MENTALITY frontman Steve Clark, new BRAIN SLUG tape and more!

There is a good amount more, but I'm going to cut it here so check the list below and buy some new records!

Thanks for reading and thanks for the support!

SITE: www.gravemistakerecords.com
STORE: www.gravemistakerecords.com/catalog
BANDCAMP: gravemistakerecords.bandcamp.com
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/gravemistakerecords
TWITTER: www.twitter.com/gravemistakerex

For a full list of new stuff and restocks check out the latest update at: www.gravemistakerecords.com!!!
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