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Posted: Apr 25, 2013 2:36 pm
New stuff in the Goner store... if you're wondering, yes, the online store is back.
Androids Of Mu and many other great, great records here.

ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE - Homemade Records 1958-1992 book - Kugelburg, Major

Eat To Survive - Gone Tomorrow by Jeff Mahannah

Talbot Adams - Red Diamonds / Not Even Europe 7" (Spacecase)
Unwed Teenage Mothers - Forever Until You Are Bones 7"
Big Dipper - Joke Outfit / Market Scare 7" (Almost Ready)
Surfer Blood - Demon Dance 7" (WB/Kanine)
Jimmy C. & the Chelsea Five - Play With Fire 7" (13 O'Clock)
Grabbies - Shut Up & Learn Live7" (Fasionable Idiots/ Distort))
Wild Child - demo 7" (Fasionable Idiots)
Livids - She Likes Zits 7" (Twistworthy)
Freddy Cannon & Los Straitjackets - The Sox Are Rockin' 7" RSD!
Earth Crisis - Firestorm 7" (Victory)
Seeds - Bad Part Of Town dbl 7" (Sundazed)
Adrian Lloyd - Lorna 7" (Sundazed) 2013 Record Store Day
Sir Douglas Quintet - Interpreta en Espanol dbl 7" (Sundazed)
Trashmen - Mean Woman Blues / Big Boss Man 7" (Sundazed)
Iron & Wine - Next To Paradise 7" (Nonesuch)
Horrors / Pee Pee split 7"
Just For The Hell of It 7" (No Label) horrible racket from a Herschell Gordon Lewis film!
Neon Piss - Close The Door 7" (Vinyl Rites)

Androids Of Mu - Blood Robots lp (Water Wing)
Peter Buck lp - AUTOGRAPHED! (Mississippi)
Mammane Sani - La Musique Electronique Du Niger lp
Harafinso lp (Mississippi / Little Axe)
Perfect Like Angels - Raw African American Gospel on 45 lp (Social Club)
Theppabutr Productions - Man Behind The Molam Sound 1972-75 lp
Pussy Galore - Groovy Hate Fuck 12" ep (Shove)
White Mystery - Telepathic lp (White Mystery)
Jandek "Vinyl Box" LP Box Set (Jackpot)
Rough Guide to African Disco LP (World Music Network)
Charlie Poole - Complete Paramount & Brunswick lp (Tompkins Sq)
Grateful Dead "Rare Cuts & Oddities" 2LP (Rhino)
Way To Go Genius s/t lp (self-released)
The Glove - Blue Sunshine lp (Polydor/Rhino)
Sonny & the Sunsets - Tomorrow Is Alright lp (Polyvinyl)
Cuntz - Aloha lp (Permanent) RSD 2013
Dwight Sykes - Songs Volume 1 lp (People's Potenial Unlimited)
John Carpenter - They Live OST lp (Death Waltz)
Sun Ra - Lost Arkestra Series Part II 10" (Kindred Spirits)
Anonymous - Inside The Shadows lp (Machu Picchu)
Wedding Present - Bizarro lp (Sony)
Congos & Friends - Fisherman Style dbl lp (Blood & Fire)
Dickies - Still Got Live, Even If You Don't Want It lp (Roir)
New York Thrash lp (Roir Records)
Heavy Hawaii - Goosebumps lp (Art Fag)

Black Pus - All My Relations cd (Thrill Jockey)

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