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Goner Message Board / New Releases & Stuff For Sale / ARR-025 NOBUNNY - Love Visions 6x 7" box set - coming 4.20.2013
Posted: Mar 6, 2013 3:21 pm
The ultimate edition of Nobunny's debut LP "Love Visions". The modern outsider punk classic is spread across SIX 7"s. Remastered from (as many) original source tapes/files (as possible), to polish these turds to maximum scuzzocity! Featuring a 21"x21" poster, a sticker sheet, and an insert/ lyrics / liner notes / history by the Nobunny himself.

Songs catchy like herpes. Both obvious and inventive at the same time. Love Visions is one of, if not thee best "lo-fi" RnR debut since HASIL ADKINS' "Out To Hunch" or SUPERCHARGER'S s/t LP. Perfect in it's imperfections, with songs that stick to you like peanut butter & bubblegum.

"How does this 25-minutes of sick trash even exist?" -buddyhead.com

"If you've never been hugged by a horny, drunken Muppet, you should seek him out." - Tucson Weekly

"Nobunny played... he was hands down the sexiest thing we'd seen" - vice.com

"It was disgusting, totally disgusting, and more than a little creepy" - Paste Magazine

"Nobunny has released a rip-roaring good-times party album that comes on like the illegitimate offspring of the Archies, Joey Ramone, Hasil Adkins and Kim Fowley" - LA Times

"This is the new religion" - Plastique Pop

"(If) you like sweaty basements with your friends while drinking beer from the cheap 30 packs you all threw in on, then this could be your favorite album for the rest of the summer." - Racket Magazine

"NoBunny is essentially a mindfuck multiplied by a clusterfuck" - Detroit Weekly

"Never in my life did I think I'd fall for a gutter-brained, cartoon swipe artiste, but I have. Hard." -Mitch Cardwell -ZGun

"You would not think that someone who acted like this would have fans, but the truth is a lot of folk like him and have paid outrageous amounts of money to acquire his Love" - blogcritics.org

"Nobunny's Love Visions is easily one of the best records to come out in the past five years." - www.billupsallen.com

"There is a timelessness to Nobunny tunes, their aural aesthetic somewhere between Milk'n'Cookiesand Chuck Berry" - Razorcake

"The album is a primitive-but-beautiful little garage pop gem, bursting with delicious hooks and manic power." - LA Examiner

"like a high school version of Rock & Roll High School" - rollingstone.com

"I believe in Nobunny. He appears to feel the rock strongly" - Rev. Norb

"This is bubblegum fuzz, with rabble-rousing hooks and Elvis-inspired shakes." - SF Chronicle

"For sure the best record I own to jump around in your underwear and and eat pizza in bed to!" - Jay Reatard
"Nobunny is certainly hitting a chord that's turning ears all over into fuzzy, pink, and protruding embarrassments.... Like a pop machine spewing out a small rivulet of hits... Nobunny's ability to deliver blithesome songs with a maddened and frothy smile is simply brilliant. His bouncy and rollicking style conjures images of dirty bubbles rising over a landscape of unkempt, and insanely catchy hooks that will have the stuffiest of the arm folding camp dancing and acting like idiots within the first couple of chords." -Brett Cross, Victim Of Time






Posted: Mar 23, 2013 5:04 pm
Posted: May 1, 2013 6:00 pm
these are available through the website now:

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