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Posted: Jan 16, 2013 5:36 pm | Edited by: hollershotbox
we built a web site and self released this last year but forgot to send out any promos or tell anyone about it. for a free 13 song download go to www.theeheadliners.com there's no b.s., just music. turn it up.
go to the free sounds tab....

"This is our third full length release, it's the first one that we've self released plus it's exclusively all JT and Holly. We wanted this one to represent what we are all about as a two piece, wanted it to showcase how we sound if you come and see us live. There is a little studio magic happening with a few double tracked guitar and vocal parts, plus we added some extra shakers and an organ on one track, but for the most part it's true to the live experience. One guy, one gal, a few guitars, some drums and one hell of a racket...plus two voices because We have some shit to say.

JT switches between his Harmony electric, his baritone guitar and his slide guitar to make a dynamic sound that we want you to bury your head in. We often hear from folks that they can't believe we make such a sound with just two people. Smashing and crashing we lullaby each other...

This was recorded with Stan Wright at Buzz Or Howl Studios and mastered with Brad Boatright from Audio Siege, 2012!


THE KIDS ARE AWRY is just a click away...'
Posted: Jan 28, 2013 7:39 pm
i finally got all of the tracks up on youtube, so if you go to our website you can hear all of the songs now before ya download the whole thing. get it, share it, turn it up!
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