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Posted: Jun 11, 2011 12:34 am
SOOOO very excited about our next batch of records. In stores on June 28th but will probably start mail order way sooner than that (like next week prolly). If you're not already on the mailing list make it happen by going to www.troubleinmindrecs.com

TIM027: Wax Museums "Eye Times" LP/CD
Wait, have the Wax Museums MATURED?!?!?! After a 3 year hiatus north TX's lovable misfits (who share members with The Bad Sports and Mind Spiders) are back with a four-headed thirteen eyed monster of an album that while still slightly awkward, is undeniably focused and endearing.
Eye Times is a musical step forward with moments of glammy art-rockness that proves once and for all these clowns ain?t just one-joke jerks. 'Mosquito Enormo' swarms and stings with it?s way-out delay pedal induced chaos and 'Bruiser' proves the Wax Museums still just write killer punk anthems. The charming nerd-o aesthetic that was so prevalent on the early singles and first LP remain, but NOW with added sexual frustration, 'Breakfast for Dinner' just very well might be the Wax Museum's 'Me So Horny'?? or something. The first press of this LP is on randomly-mixed vinyl & includes a download code!

TIM028: The Night Beats "s/t" LP/CD
Any number of bands cite 60?s Texas psych as an influence, but rarely does a group actually capture what made those bands special. Following their debut EP also on Trouble In Mind, The Night Beats have expanded on the bedroom immediacy of their first recordings to create an LP that perfectly captures and modernizes the hallucinogenic and exhilaratingly demonic aura of bands like The 13th Floor Elevators and Golden Dawn. With blazing guitar work and a razor sharp rhythm section Danny Lee Blackwell and company mutate conventional chords & progressions into a mind-blowing sonic sprawl. The record reels you in with 2-3 minute pop songs like 'Ain't Dumbo' and 'Dial 666', forging a landscape that then throws you into a chaotic journey of jams a'la 'Dewayne's Drone' and 'Little War in the Midwest' that bend and meander but never overstay their welcome. Tune in, turn on, & drop that needle on this record! The first press of this LP is on randomly-mixed vinyl & includes a download code!

TIM029: The Paperhead "Focus In On... The Looking Glass" (limited LP reissue)
Trouble In Mind - er, we mean TIM Records is proud to present this limited vinyl reissue of psych-wunderkinds The Paperhead's debut cassette! Before they dosed the world with their vinyl debut earlier this year, these three teenage journeymen were known as The Looking Glass, & honed their chops playing extended jam-sessions at house parties & shows in their hometown Nashville scene. Originally released as a limited cassette by Infinity Cat, this recording is a "further-out" trip - a bit more experimental & free than their s/t debut, but no-less engaging. Psych-pop nuggets are peppered in between & on top of extended sonic explorations, creating their own musical vision filtered through the prism of greats like Pink Floyd, Blossom Toes & The Soft Machine. This "bootleg" edition is a one-time pressing of 500 copies on mixed vinyl, hand-numbered & is brought to you by TIM Records (a division of Trouble In Mind Records, LLC).

TIM030: Apache Dropout "Shot Down" b/w "Sister Burnout" 7-inch
This Bloomington, IN trio took just about everybody by surprise with their LP released earlier this year on Family Vineyard; a full-tilt, f'ed-up, psyched-out boogie-fied garage stomper filtered through the musical ghosts of bands both past & present, & we here at TiM HQ are pleased as punch to be releasing this two-song rager hot on the heels of that debut thrill-ride! "Shot Down" is a mutant Troggs stomp soaked in the sweat of John Lee Hooker & bops along like the bastard child of the Ohio Express & Sun Ra. The flipside - "Sister Burnout" is a barn-burning head-banger that ratchets up the intensity & sounds like an amphetamine-fueled sword fight between The Shadows Of Knight & The Deviants, with singer/guitarist Sonny Alexander testifying like a tweaked out Richard Hell. This is full-on sanctified-psych - drop the needle on the wax & become a believer! The first press of this 7-inch is on mixed vinyl, is housed in the Trouble In Mind factory sleeve & includes a download code!

COMING LATER in 2011!!!
Mikal Cronin solo LP/CD
Estrogen Highs LP/CD
Tim Cohen 4-song solo EP
Posted: Jun 18, 2011 11:54 am
I placed my order! TIM have been putting out some really incredible 7"s and LPs over the last 3 years. Check out the Alex Cuervo 7" they have for sale. It's one of my favorite EPs and is on heavy rotation.
Posted: Jun 19, 2011 6:17 pm
Not even 2 years yet!... will be 2 years in August!
Posted: Jun 25, 2011 2:46 pm
Shoot. I thought it was 2012 already. Anyway, I meant every word I said and love the music you've been putting out. Thanks for keeping great rock n roll alive! -Mike
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