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Posted: Mar 21, 2011 8:41 pm
We here at TiM HQ are SOOOO excited to say that our new batch of Spring '11 records are for sale and ready to ship! Today we have 2 amazing debut LP's by bands you may be less acquainted with (though not for long) and 2 fantastical SOLO EP's by a couple guys you most likely know very well. We probably say this every time we release a new batch, but this one is pretty hard to beat. You know the drill, but in case you forgot or are new to the mailing list, for the first 24 hours ONLY (so, basically until NOON on Tuesday March 22nd), you can receive both LP's and both 7" EP's for $34.00 w/FREE domestic U.S. shipping ($40.00 for our International friends). All you have to do is Paypal to: troubleinmindrecs@gmail.com & note that the payment is for the Spring 2011 batch. Also like before, if there are any records you have missed just make a note and add either 5.00 or 12.00 depending on if they are singles or LP's (respectively) and you still get free shipping (just note exactly which titles in the notes when you are in Paypal.)

Check out these great new titles:

TIM022: The Wrong Words S/T LP:
For those of us who take our record collection maybe a little too seriously, it's a comfort when a band just seems to get it. While there isn't much left to be said about the current music scene in San Francisco (where The Wrong Words hail from) we like to think they have combined all of its best elements (power pop, punk and a dab of flower-psych) on this amazingly solid debut LP. Recorded by Greg Ashley of The Gris Gris and mastered by Mikey Young of Eddy Current Suppression Ring, The Wrong Words have been referred to as a "West Coast Gentleman Jesse". While there is no denying the Californian influence, there is a midwestern blue collar pop feel as well a'la The Scruffs or more than a few tracks off of the Yellow Pills comp. RIYL: Gentleman Jesse, Jaill, XTC, Nick Lowe, Barracudas

TIM023: Alex Cuervo 4-song Solo EP
The first installment in our brand new SOLO SERIES! We're pretty big Hex Dispensers fans here at TiM H.Q., so when we got word that H.D. front man Alex Cuervo was working on solo material - our interest was piqued! Started as a way to keep busy while the Hex Dispensers were on a break, these songs definitely show another side of Alex. While they all contain the moody, dark feeling Cuervo's known for, there's a more measured sense of pop attack going on here. Rather than bludgeon you over the head with awesome riff after riff, the hooks quietly sink in & before you know it - you're humming along in your sleep! Songs like the dirgey opener "Two Broken Fingers", & the sci-fi ballad "Hypersleep" merge the THEN of artists like Gary Numan, Sugue Sigue Sputnik, or even Love & Rockets with the NOW of groups like The Spits or Marked Men. The first press of this EP comes on randomly mixed vinyl, is housed in the Trouble In Mind factory sleeve and includes a download code.

TIM024: The Paperhead S/T LP:
Upon your first listen to this record you may think that you've stumbled onto some lost nugget from 1968. The Paperhead take their name from a lyric in July's golden-age psychedelic single "My Clown" and while the record may have a vintage sound, it's mind boggling to learn that it was written and recorded in the summer of 2010 by three 18 year old kids from Nashville, Tennessee. Neo-psych fans may hear a more ambitious 'White Fence' or a poppier 'Spacemen 3' while more classic minded listeners may recall 'The Pretty Things', their namesake 'July' or post-LSD 'Beatles'. Before they all went their separate ways to start college Ryan Jennings and his closest childhood friends Walker Mimms and Peter Stringer-Hye holed up to record an album that combines all the orchestrated pop layers, eastern influence and groovy instrumentals of a classic British Psych record. With Cheap Time's Jeffrey Novak as producer & "spritual advisor" these guy's technical and songwriting abilities far outreach their young age, while still maintaining a sense of wonder about the world and a dash of charming naivete.RIYL: White Fence, Black Angels, Pink Floyd, J.K. & Co, Kaleidoscope (U.K.)

TIM025: Jeffrey Novak 4-song Solo EP
The second installment in our brand new SOLO SERIES! Jeffrey Novak is one busy dude. Since his teen years, he's been writing, recording & releasing music as a one-man band, with his groups the Rat Traps & Cheap Time, and under his own name as a solo artist. We've always thought Jeffrey was one talented fella, so we're pleased as punch to be releasing this 4-songer! Culled from sessions that were to be his third solo album (the second due out in April 2011 on In The Red), this EP finds Novak sharpening his focus, exploring & expanding on territories he touched on in his first self-released solo outing 'After The Ball' - Kinks-ian maudlin, John Cale-ish ballads, & the glammy flourishes that peppered Eno's first couple of solo records all mixed into four songs of regret, loss, & disappointment. The first press of this EP comes on randomly mixed vinyl, is housed in the Trouble In Mind factory sleeve and includes a download code.

In other exciting news, be sure to visit your favorite record store on April 16th and pick up our limited edish 2011 Record Store Day 4-way covers split 7-inch featuring Eddy Current Supression Ring, The Mean Jeans, The Wrong Words and Jack Oblivian covering classic tunes by: The Go-Gos, Sparks, West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, & Tommy James & the Shondells! (NOTE: if your favorite record store isn't carrying it & would like to, have them contact us at: troubleinmindrecs@gmail.com... GONER will be getting some, FYI)...

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