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Posted: Sep 24, 2007 3:54 am
So...I waited to make sure everyone who paid for one of these, finally got one (Yeah...I fucked everything up...I know). In addition the the copies I had packaged up to mail out when I moved, I had the three copies with alternate sleeves, and a couple copies that were held for people, from day one, who didn't seem interested enough to send me a few bucks for 'em.

Anyway, I've put a copy of the record with the alternate sleeve, and one with the regular sleeve, up on Ebay. Here are the links:

Alternate sleeve:
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=130156628059&ssPage Name=ADME:B:EF:US:11

Regular Sleeve:
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=130156635702&s sPageName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=003

I'm broke after moving out the West Coast, and I figure a couple auctions will help raise money to put some more records out.

I also have one copy for trade. I'm haven't been able to buy records for a while, and I need new review material for a new zine I'm starting up...if any one runs a distro and wants to tade a handful of recent 7 inchers for one of these, drop me a line.

Posted: Sep 25, 2007 3:33 am
making rare---rarer ! Kool.
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