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Posted: Sep 19, 2007 9:57 am
The Glow - Anthem No 1

7" e.p.

You know the feeling you had when you were still in the innocence of childhood, you were in awe of everything, there was no such thing as time, or good and bad, just whatever it was and there was NOTHING you couldn't do??...Imagination and Reality had a cosmic bond and they followed each other, becoming each other and so forth.

The channel's of 60's to early 70's Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Roll, and Psychedelic Rivers sprinkle your happy cheeks from a new refreshing fount of inspired artistic expression. They prefer the mystery of an everlasting candle dancing on the silhouettes of night time symphonies i.e. Crickets, Grasshoppers, Owls and

One moment they say they come from a spaceship with a mission to clear the air, or harmonize the frequencies as they create a Sonic Boom Harmonic Machine or they may just say "Yeah Yeah...We Love Rock n Roll"

- Anthem #1

- Rock n Roll

- That Kinda Feeling

Embrace The Glow as they grow and evolve on a bee line to sublime success....

Coming out soon on a Fistful of Records:

The Griefs Little Dutch Maid e.p.

Other 2007 releases:

- Anomalys / Garbage Whores split 7" e.p.

- Kamikaze Trio Death Party 7"e.p.

contact A Fistful of Records: afistfulofrecords-at-yahoo-dot-com
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