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Posted: Sep 6, 2007 7:49 pm | Edited by: Agony Bag
Available now for pre-order, two new singles from Static Static and Romance Novels with the first 150 copies on Gold vinyl with alternate sleeves. We have about 30 copies on gold left of each 7", so if you NEED those falsely coveted editions, hop on it soon. Please email us at todd (at) horizontalaction.com to get on the early mailing list, too.

STATIC STATIC - Black Fingers b/w ElectricWeGet 7" (HZR-007) The
anxiously awaited follow up to last year's debut single on Babytooth
Records in a micro edition of 100 copies, here's the next double blast of
electric paranoid punk crunch & buzzsaw drone-throb done just right by one
of the only saving graces of Los Angeles, Static Static. Now with Leslie
of the Red Aunts on drums, these two SUICIDE bomb-style tracks deliver
surprisingly sparse and demonically danceable hits for the soundtrack to
that gothic slaughterhouse you were always afraid to peek into, but now
are left without option. Sliding into the same smog punk-layered territory
as HoZac heavy hitters VOLT and SPIDER, and recorded with ratchety home
equipment under similar circumstances, it's no wonder LA is looking a
little brighter today with an accessible record like this, now available
for a limited time. They just finished up a West Coast tour with White
Savage and are primed for the kill, so if you're so inclined toward the
pleasures of a brain that's stuck on glue, get with this record before it
slips away.


Here's a review of their first 7" from VictimofTime.com..... After
hurricane Katrina devastated the New Orleans area, Detonations member John
Henry and MissMassDestruction headed for the hills of Los Angeles to seek
out a new life among the pieces of plastic landscape littering southern
California. Months later, the two re-emerged as an apocalyptic and
energetically grim and dismal electronic duo going by the name of Static
Static, with no real future and no past to live up to, but with a whole
new sinister sound (they also brought in Lesley (previously of the Red
Aunts) on drums for the live shows). Although lo-tech electronic living
room recordings are still perpetual phenomenon across the globe at this
point, with the waves generated by VOLT and the tight cadre of French
glue-wavers, and with surreal stateside stuff by Spider, Destruction Unit
and Leper Print, it's undoubtedly a great new movement for homemade music.
This debut 7" by Static Static on the Babytooth label was pressed up for a
short tour and elegantly screened in an ungodly hand numbered edition of
100 copies. The two throbbing tracks contained within show a simple
approach to creating repugnant rhythms seared with instruments so blown
out, you really can't be sure what's a guitar or a keyboard anymore, but
it still sounds great. "Satanic Speakers" hums with a cranium-penetrating
silky groove that could even (gasp!) be a 'dance floor' hit at one of
those forbidden 'underground clubs,' yet it's raw and catchy choruses
might weigh in as quite savage. The flipside, "Mutation" is an equally
menacing and danceable song that sticks to your socks right away, and
before you know it, you're left panting for more. According to their
profile, they are participating in an upcoming double 7" picture book
release alongside fellow monstrosities Microshard, White Lies and Spider,
so keep an eye out, and check out the two songs off the single HERE. Hmm,
it looks like they still might have a few copies of this available too.

ROMANCE NOVELS - Peggy Sue b/w Bikini Beach 7" (HZR-008) Indiana
continues to plow through the competition as this follow-up single by the
Romance Novels will attest, and with two more heartaching hits of
innocence gone frayed with neuroses waiting in the wings, it's a good
thing you've got a chance to latch onto it before it's gone. The Romance
Novels new platter holds two raggedly real and infectiously classic songs
lamenting the passing of time and all the pitfalls and breakdowns of
growing up and moving on. As their debut 7" smacked their name across
party mixes all throughout the land, this next batch shows the Indy boys
coming around the bend with two girls on each arm and with a
reinvigorating assurance that everything's gonna be alright, at least for
tonight. And if you've ever tried to hold onto your pride more than you
should, the b-side's "Bikini Beach" will melt your mind into a pool of wet
lather, with rusty staples and candy wrappers swimming around in it, just
for good measure.


Here's a review of their first 7" from VictimofTime.com...... The debut
single by Indiana's greatest dirty bubblegum bopper exports since the
Gizmos is here, and it's really going to warm you up, inside and out.
Within the first few magical chords of the Romance Novels' "Another
Summer," you can instantly feel them break through another glassy layer of
blackness inside us all, and it really has the power to bring a smile to
your eternally sour mug. Their torturously simple songs conjure up stupid
daydreams of how good life can get, like the beginning of an endless
summer vacation with your best friends and a car full of "iffy" chicks on
the last day of high school, or something equally free and easy. With just
a hint of that innocent Eddie Cochran guitar twang overblown with some of
the most classic, and simplistic drums and a hell of a wild front man, you
can bank on this being a winner from a mile away. Just like that beautiful
feeling you got the first time you heard those Modern Lovers demos that
Kim Fowley produced, or what it must have been like to watch John Felice
and the Real Kids take their first steps putting songs together, the
Romance Novels can no longer be ignored. Sure there's no new ground broken
here, but their sheer passion, timeless songs, and how they bring it all
home to clamor together in some of the most wonderfully ramshackle raw pop
you're going to hear all year, is reason enough to look this up. The
B-side, "Quarter To Four," is another dance party home run smash hit that
future generations will surely hold dear, and you'll find it virtually
impossible to listen to this only once per side, as with the flip. Throw
these guys on a bill with the Tuff Bananas, and the Bold Ones and nothing
could beat it, right? June 23rd at Ronny's in Chicago, don't miss the
Romance Novels headlining the Victim of Time 1st Anniversary Party, so
keep your calendars clear. This time, it's on a Saturday so all the
leg-humpers that missed 'em last time can get corrected, and not have to
worry about stinking around the boss the next morning. Released on their
own Pizza Party Records label (also in an early edition of only 15 with
spray-painted sleeves), this is an honestly authentic record with nothing
to hide and with an impossibly rocking and contagious fun vibe running
through it like a bolt of lightning. Find it in yourself to hate cancer
and love the Romance Novels, it's really just that easy. Pick up a copy of
the record direct through the band HERE, or via our fine mailorder links
to your right, on the front page.

(red vinyl editions of 400), so if you're in need of one or both, feel free
to include them as well.

all ordering information is listed below so please get your copies right
away if you need the gold editions.

Ordering Info:

Sorry, but we have to limit the Gold Editions to ONE copy per release
title, per order.

Canada and Euro orders ship airmail.
All prices are postage paid. We are offering a special low price for one
of each single which is obviously the best deal.


PAYPAL account is : todd (at) horizontalaction.com

one 7" - $6.00 ppd
two 7" - $10.75 ppd
three 7" - $14.00 ppd
four 7" - $17.00 ppd

CANADA/MEX/South America
one 7" - $6.95 ppd
two 7" - $12.75 ppd
three 7" - $15.75 ppd
four 7" - $18.75 ppd

one 7" - $9.25 ppd
two 7" - $14.50 ppd
three 7" - $19.99 ppd
four 7" - $24.50 ppd

regular mailing address (MO payable to Horizontal Action, or
well-concealed cash at your own risk, - PLEASE EMAIL TO RESERVE COPIES)

HoZac Records c/o Todd
2222 Main St.
Evanston, IL 60202

up next... Daily Void, Wizzard Sleeve, and Nothing People 7" singles
Posted: Sep 16, 2007 7:01 pm
Thanks again to everyone that got their orders in, the majority of records were mailed out yesterday and we are almost completely sold out (we have less than 5 copies left of each on black vinyl if anyone still needs one, email first for availability), otherwise both singles will be in the usual mailorder/distros in the next weeks.
Posted: Oct 2, 2007 8:56 pm
Eric/Zac did you guys get these yet?
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