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Posted: Sep 6, 2007 3:56 pm
here's a review from CMJ:

Though it's true that boozing it up with the Black Lips in the Hotlanta scene might befoul any young lass, these femmes, from the sounds of their desperately wired vocals and garbage-can guitars, were fried from the start. Silly like any 17-year-old ought to be, the Coathangers do harbor for reals feminist angst. They cunningly dis the housewife dead-end in "Buckhead Betty," singing, "I wanna be poppin' pills all day/I wanna throw the kids away," in a charmingly snotty way amongst soft handclaps and limp strumming. Then comes many a churlishly cheeky boy-toy-directed demand to take a hike ("Why you playin' me boy?/You're so Parcheesi"), though they ain't much for the ladies either ("I'll punch you in the twat!"). The music, kicking along with no-fi frazzle, slips in handclaps, "woo-woos," cheap synths, clunky rhythms and toddler-tantrum riffs in the volatile vein of post-Slits grrrl rock that originates from no particular starting point, save the band equipment they stole from their a-hole ex's basement. Some mournful musings begin to seep out as towards then end, featuring accordion and Russian lyrics no less, so there may be more up their sleeves than this trash-yelping suggests. Though I wouldn't suggest you go up to them and try to peek up those sleeves.

LP's are going fast, not sure how Slaughterhaus is doing with their copies but i've sold 3/5s of the Rob's House supply and its only been out two days.


tour dates:
10/24 Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn: Coathangers, Selmanaires, Ponderosa
10/25 Athens, GA @ Caledonia Lounge: Coathangers, 63 Crayons, Ponderosa
10/26 Chapell Hill, NC @ The Cave (Blackbeard's Lost Weekender Fest): Coathangers, Spider Bags
10/27 Washington DC @ Fight Club: Coathangers, The Points, The Griefs
10/28 Philadelphia, PA @ The Kyber: Coathangers, Live Fast Die, VCR
10/29 New London, CT @ Oasis: Coathangers, VCR, Sudden Walks, Guilty Faces
10/30 Boston, MA @ PAs Lounge: Demon's Claws, Coathangers, The Konks, Hospital Rats
10/31 New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge: Coathangers, Figurines, Dappled Cities
10/31 New York, NY @ Cake Shop: Demon's Claws, Goddamn Rattlesnake
11/01 New York, NY @ Death By Audio: Demon's Claws, Coathangers
11/03 Cleveland, OH @ Now That's Class: Demon's Claws, Coathangers,
11/04 Detroit, MI @ Lager House: Demon's Claws, Coathangers, Human Eye, Terrible Twos
11/05 Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club: Demon's Claws, Coathangers, Jail
11/06 Chicago, IL @ Ronny's: Demon's Claws, Coathangers, Cococomas
11/07 Lafayette, IN @ Zooleger's: Demon's Claws, Coathangers, Trent and the Rippers
11/08 Nashville, TN @ The Basement: Demon's Claws, Coathangers, Turncoats, Stories That Live
11/09 Memphis, TN @ Murphys: Demon's Claws, Coathangers, Barbaras
11/10 New Orleans, LA @ Saturn Bar: Demon's Claws, Coathangers
11/11 Mobile, AL @ Blind Mule: Demon's Claws, Coathangers, Wizzard Sleeve, Hibachi Stranglers
11/12 Orlando, FL @ Peacock Room: Demon's Claws, Coathangers
11/14 Atlanta, GA @ Drunken Unicorn: Demon's Claws, Coathangers, Thee Crucials, Coffin Bound

(all dates from 10/30 on are with demon's claws, except 10/31)

order info:
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