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Posted: Aug 30, 2007 9:16 pm
Hey folks, I am an actor/director from Memphis but recently returned from Los Angeles. I've made a short film here and am painting houses inside and out to pick up cash before i return in the spring for casting season.

I have great references and can usually do a midtown home exterior for around $1700 and you buy the paint. Interiors vary but run about $800 to way up there dependent upon detail and size.

Anyway, my goal is not to get rich but just to live off residuals and make a decent living while working on films, etc.

So, if you need a painter...i'm the man. I have worked as a union painter on sets in Los Angeles(Warner Brothers), and frankly you have to have some skills to get there.

So, call me at 323 841 4702, it's my LA cell in Memphis. I'm going to be around and I need a gig. Thanks...Kennedy
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