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Posted: Aug 27, 2007 1:39 pm
The Teeners debut 7" is now available - 4 songs

The brand-new Teeners 7" record is now available. Great new band from Austin.

It costs $4 postage paid and you can choose between black or green vinyl (green limited to 100 copies, no more than 2 colored copies to any one buyer). You can send cash, check (made out to Super Secret Records) or money order to:

Super Secret Records

PO Box 1585

Austin, TX 78767

Or, you can add $1 for a total of $5 and pay using PayPal and using supersecretrecords@hotmail.com as the payee address.

Or, you can buy one at Sound on Sound Records or End of an Ear Records in Austin. Also available on Interpunk and No Idea.

If you live outside the USA, contact me at supersecretrecords@hotmail.com and we'll figure out the postage.


Check out The Teeners MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/theteeners


Party Garbage 7" available - 5 songs

The brand-new Party Garbage 7" record is now available. The band includes Ben Snakepit (J Church, Bloodbath & Beyond, Snakepit Zine), Lew Houston (Blurt! Zine), Drew Schlitz (of Sir Rasta Toots and RuneSword), and Ryan Foster (formerly of the Video Screams and currently in Total Abuse).

It costs $4 postage paid and you can choose between black or yellow vinyl (limited). Same payment info as above, you can pay by snail mail or by PayPal. Also available on Interpunk and through No Idea.

Check out Party Garbage's MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/partygarbage
Posted: Sep 6, 2007 8:12 pm
First Teeners review

From Now Wave:


The Teeners
self-titled 7"
(Super Secret Records)


I seem to be having one of those streaks right now where everything I sit down to review turns out to be freakin' great. I guess that's just the luck of the draw. Or maybe it's got something to do with me taking all the promo that looks like it's gonna be shitty and burying it in my "review (much) later" bin. For the sake of variety, I owe you all a negative review or two. I'll see if I can work on that.

Anyway: The Teeners. What a fuckin' band! On its debut 7", The Austin foursome tears it up in the same spirit of danger and fucked-uppedness that made The Germs and Stooges such remarkable, world-altering bands. Its musical attack is exactly that: an attack. These four make music that's meant to cut, to bruise, to inflict serious damage. A precedent for this sort of razorblade blitzkrieg could be found in the ripping lo-fi punk of The Reatards and Catholic Boys. Yet while The Teeners are like those bands in a lot of ways, they're not copying anybody. The word "raw" doesn't even begin to describe the guitar sound - it's like sandpaper scraping an open wound! Singer Johnny Vomitnoise sounds exactly like a guy who'd be named, uh, Vomitnoise. His deranged screaming literally gives this band its distinctive voice. I think he might be truly insane.

With so much of today's punk sounding prefabricated and formulaic, it's a rare pleasure to hear a new band attack the style with such fiercely primitive abandon. This is what punk rock sounded like before it became an established, by-the-numbers genre, when bands retreated to the basement and made shit up as they went along, inspired not by other bands, but rather by the insatiable demons that compelled them towards destruction. Get this!

Lord Rutledge
September 6, 2007


Also, the same site has a good review of the new Party Garbage record:


Party Garbage
self-titled 7"
(Super Secret Records)


In the months and weeks since they were first reviewed in the pages of Now Wave, Austin's Party Garbage has entertained numerous label suitors in between near-riotous gigs at hockey arenas, music theaters, pizza parlors, meth dens, gun stores, whorehouses, head shops, biker bars, farmers markets, beer fests, dogfights, wedding receptions, Branch Davidian picnics, and Expansionist Party fundraisers. First to stamp its imprint on the Party Garbage product line was Super Secret Records, who sealed the deal with a highly lucrative offer I'm forbidden to detail under threat of imminent bodily harm. Richard's men are not to be messed with, so I'll just leave it at that and let you use your imagination.

Some say that, in this age of any bunch of douches being able to set up a myspace page and make their own CD-R, a vinyl record is needed to "legitimize" a band. And so Party Garbage now goes legit in conjunction with Super Secret. All five of the songs on this record were culled from the band's CD-R. But they're cooler now because they're, uh, on vinyl. And being the king-pimp high roller mogul that he is, Richard secured for this release the two best Party Garbage songs: "Ain't It Black?" and "Cut the Kite String". Hearing them again, I can definitely say that I like all these songs just as much as I did way back in the faraway month of May. The other day I started playing the record and was like, "Hey! Finally a review I got right!" PG's brand of melodic punk rock is gritty and crude, yet tuneful, thoughtfully constructed, and full of heart. Very reminiscent of Flip Your Whig/New Day Rising era Husker Du, but not in a lame-o copyist sort of way, the music of Party Garbage is remarkably distinct for such a new band. Its roughness is no drawback but rather its greatest charm. The lyrics, written by singer Lew Houston and guitarist Drew Schlitz, are quite good. Read on paper, the band's songs are profound & challenging ruminations on the illusion of life and the individual's quest for spiritual fulfillment. Yet Lew spits out these words like they're rotten fruit covered in phlegm, nullifying any potential for an emo-ish appeal. So it's perfectly safe to introduce Party Garbage to the poetry-phobic people in your life. Just tell 'em the songs are about fornicating with diner waitresses and sniffing nail polish remover.

All in all, this is a great-looking package, with funny cover art and a cool little booklet containing lyrics, photos, and an enlightening tale of the band's origins. This isn't your standard crappy insert, kids. It's practically a zine! 100 copies of the record come on yellow wax, so be sure to ask for the colored vinyl if you order. It's purty.

Lord Rutledge
August 27, 2007
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