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Posted: Aug 9, 2007 1:00 am
That's right, punks, coming August 21st!

Pre-orders taken NOW on the Kaiser Records Website!!

http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y244/pfinkrat/Kaiser%20Records/Stomp_ front2-1.jpg

KAISER RECORDS is pleased as candy to bring you the REAL BOSS HOSS INTERNATIONAL STOMP-O-LATION! Shake your hips and let your backbone slip with this 24 track compilation of thee greatest modern Garage Punk, R&B and Surf bands from around the world, and beyond!! Guaranteed instant party with an amazing line-up! The legends abound with raw sounds from the worship-worthy DOWNLINERS SECT, bands formed from the ashes of the Mummies (The Flakes, Christina & the Bippies), Sir Dance A-lot (featuring Michael "Daddy Love" Lucas of the Phantom Surfers), Ex-Milkshakes & Kaisers (The Masonics, The Wildebeests), Armitage Shanks, Southern California Psychedelic Garage-Fuzz legends Satan's Cheerleaders, The Boars, Mondo Topless, Thee Fine Lines, Spain's Garage Punk Rawk monsters Los Chicos, Thee Crucials and many more bands that are sure to swing your party into low-brow high-gear, or break your lease!! Be the envy of your friends because this CD has set a new standard in Garage compilations which is sure to be imitated never duplicated. When the flag drops on this baby, you better be ready to STOMP!!

Los Chicos - Muddy Muddy
Downliners Sect - I'm a Lover Not a Fighter
Masonics - Hungry Water Callin' Me
Thee Fine Lines- Got to Get Out of This Town
The Flakes- East Side Story
The Butchers- Girl Cry (Cry Girl)
Thee Crucials- Gorgon Go Home
The Miscreants- It's Alright
The Wildebeests- Lucinda
The Gentleman Callers- I Was Blind
Woolly Bandits- You're So Cute
Magic City- Dangerous
The Boars- Two Tears
Sir Dance-a-Lot & His Pranceteers- Summer Raids
Armitage Shanks- Gangsters
Satan's Cheerleaders- Catchin' the Bus
Lords of Gravity- Outcast
Christina & the Bippies- Bulldog
The Mothballs- I Love Records
Mondo Topless- Crawl
Memphis Morticians- Wailin' Well
Jackson Phibes- Lillydale Orphanage
Vulcaneers- Sarek Stomp
Salteen Crackerjack- Dedicated Follower of Fashion

Pre-order this bad boy NOW on the Kaiser Records Website. We're having another sale where you can get the Stomp-o-lation AND any other Kaiser release for just $15.00 plus shipping! Of course, you can buy just the Stomp-o-lation for $10.00 plus shipping, but why not get an extra CD for 5 bucks??

If you check out the bargain CDs we have at the bottom of the order page, you could, if you're smart, get 3 CDs for just $20.00 plus shipping!

Kaiser Records Website
Kaiser Records Myspace
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