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Posted: Aug 6, 2007 5:29 am
Anybody wanna make some offers on this busted up Moog Liberation I got? And no, its not stolen, asshole.
Here's the downlow: Only one oscillator works, filters work, poly works, it is OUT OF TUNE up the scale, pitch bending ribbon shattered, input connection has issues 25% of the time. Cosmetically it looks like Six Finger Satellite took it on a pleasure cruise to treasure island (bad).
If yer interested in buying it and fixing it, there's a place in Chicago called Deltronics that works on these bastards. But Im in Memphis. There's no service in Memphis as far as I know and I checked it out. I dont really want to ship this thing unless you wanna lay down the bread. So there's that. Fix it and you could resell it on ebay for >$1000 and I checked that, too.
It comes in the original case, which is also busted up but fully intact. Ill send pics to ya if yer interested.
Make me an offer. And dont fuck around.
Email me if you want a quicker response...
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