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Posted: Jul 28, 2007 12:20 am
MUS19 GRUPO SUB-1 - Tercer grado en Leningrado LP

Allegedly recorded in the post cold war Russia during a cold winter GRUPO SUB-1 from Madrid, Spain, bring us 14 songs of primitive mongoloid synth-punk. take the best of UNITS, LOS REACTORS or SCREAMERS and mix it with the worst of RIP OFFS and FAMILIA REAL spice it up with tons of obscure early punk from around the glove and then maybe you'll be close to understand this platter. Neo-vintage-futurist-killed by death - nah, it is called punk. Limited to 500 copies. 6.00

There is a limited press on color with obi for the die hard fans. You can see some pictures of limited etc here:


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