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Posted: Jul 19, 2007 4:18 pm
We have a brand new 7" EP available this week, the debut single for Chicago's awe-inspiring new band SYZ (formerly known as Screaming Yellow Zonkers) available for sale this week, so if you'd like a chance at getting the falsely coveted gold edition of 150 (with alternate sleeve), please hop on it. The last batch of records sold out in less than one day, so please do not delay. Both the gold edition and the stock edition (400 copies on black vinyl) come wrapped in different exclusively designed sleeves done by Nathan Jerde of the Ponys and will go fast.

check out two SYZ songs (although these are NOT on the 7") right here:

and check out a video clip of a few SYZ songs (these ARE on the 7") right here:

Also, if you missed out on the last two singles, we have a RED VINYL
edition of 400 available in alternate sleeves from both WHITE SAVAGE and
BLANK DOGS, so grab those if you need 'em!

all ordering information is listed below so please get your copies right
away if you "need" the gold edition.

Ordering Info:

Sorry but we have to limit the Special Gold Editions to ONE copy per

Canada and Euro orders ship airmail.
All prices are postage paid. We are offering a special low price for one
of each single which is obviously the best deal.


PAYPAL account is : todd (at) horizontalaction.com

1 7" - $6.00 ppd
two 7" - $10.50 ppd
three 7" $13.75 ppd

1 7" - $6.75 ppd
two 7" - $12.00 ppd
three 7" $15.75 ppd

1 7" - $9.25 ppd
two 7" - $14.50 ppd
three 7" $18.00 ppd

regular mailing address (MO payable to Horizontal Action, or
well-concealed cash at your own risk)

HoZac Records c/o Todd
2222 Main St.
Evanston, IL 60202

---------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------
some information on the WHITE SAVAGE & BLANK DOGS singles...

WHITE SAVAGE 7"- HZR-004 Destroy Your Style b/w Orphans (Teenage Jesus &
The Jerks) "Blood Tour Edition" of 400 copies with Red Sleeve on Red Vinyl

Making Chicago's 'Now Wave' sound like 'Then Wave' and strangling any
admirers along the way, this is one slice of rudeness and animosity that
you surely cannot afford to miss out on. Forming from black visions of
white noise guranteed to solve race relations and eradicate gray areas of
thought in every form, WHITE SAVAGE are not here for your amusement, but
only for their own.

"Quite the pedigree on this beast: Hollywood from Tyrades, Jered from
Ponys, Colin from Screaming Yellow Zonkers (lawsuit pending), some dude
from Chin Up Chin Up, even a guy from post-rockers, Euphone. None of this
really matters though when you put the needle on the record. "Destroy Your
Style" is blistering tribal-punk intent on ruining your day, but it won't;
unless you have shitty taste in music. You could dance to this mess of
animal howling, trumpet bleats, and rolling drums, no prob. The flip has
one those Tyrade-style covers where they would essentially turn a cover
into their own song. I really dig that song-as-launching-pad formula, and
here White Savage picks Teenage Jesus and The Jerks' classic "Orphans"
(which originally was a kind of tribute to Yoko Ono's "Don't Worry Kyoto,
Mommy's Only Looking For Her Hand in The Snow"). With its disco bass line,
angular guitars, dive-bombing electronics, and paranoid vocals, White
Savage is actually sounding a lot like early Liars, which is not a bad
thing to me, and shouldn't be to you either..." EEK Terminal Boredom


BLANK DOGS 7" EP - HZR-005 Yellow Mice Sleep b/w Housefly + Smashed Up
People "Infuriating Matte" color sleeve Red Vinyl edtion of 400 copies

Unknown and unloved by this rotten world, Blank Dogs offer cheerfully
apocalyptic lullabyes to pacify even the most hardened criminals, all
without ever showing their faces. We still don't know who they are, or
what they look like, but sometimes the music is so good, it really doesn't
matter. Glue Wave goth-pop or Devo-toned noise nervosa, it all comes
together so well that you'll be crying in your soup if you don't jump on
this train before it leaves town forever. Three songs of disconsolate
despair, destined to stick in your mind until your inevitable demise,
including the hit "Yellow Mice Sleep," anonymity has never been so

"Spankin new 45 by our mysterious friend, and it's even better than the
12. "Yellow Mice Sleep" betrays its creator's fond feelings towards My
Bloody Valentine and Jesus and Mary Chain with its dreamy melody and
thick, soupy guitar-bed. "Housefly" quivers and disturbs, while "Smashed
Up People" is Mr. Blank Dog's best song yet, stuffing a catchy chorus into
what sounds like a demo version of a Chairs Missing cut. Better jump on
board, there's another 12" comin down the pipe!" -EEK Terminal Boredom

also coming up before summer's end...

HZR-007 Static Static "Black Fingers" b/w "Electric We Get" 7"
along with Nothing People "Army of Ideal" b/w "What A Waste" 7" ...and Romance Novels, Wizzard Sleeve, Plexi 3, Headache City, and debut singles from Bold Ones, Daily Void, TEETH, and many more.

join our mailing list for an early warning for the pre-sale by sending an email with "HoZac Mailing List" as the subject to us at todd (at) horizontalaction.com

Posted: Jul 19, 2007 4:32 pm
uh, that was supposed to be 'screaming' in the title of the thread, derrr.
Posted: Jul 19, 2007 9:06 pm
you're just making sure you don't get sued?
Posted: Jul 19, 2007 9:14 pm
Best band to come outta Chicago in years!!
BUY THIS - you won't regret it!
Posted: Jul 20, 2007 9:45 pm
Making Chicago's 'Now Wave' sound like 'Then Wave' and strangling any admirers along the way, this is one slice of rudeness and animosity .
That's true. I thought it was jazz when I put it on the record player.
Posted: Aug 2, 2007 8:15 pm
Got the bulk of these preorders shipped out today, and the distro copies out tomorrow, thanks again!! And whatever you do, DO NOT read or assume what's written in the dead wax to be in any way true. Sorry, I was drunk.
Posted: Aug 3, 2007 6:46 pm
i get my news from inscriptions in dead wax!

it's true!
Posted: Aug 3, 2007 8:17 pm
and you always should, except for this time!

Just discovered that as of today these new SYZ singles are now SOLD OUT, so please order from these fine shops/distro below who should have them in stock in the next week or so...

US distros

US stores
GREEN NOISE (portland)
DISCOURAGE (portland)
DR STRANGE (so. cal)

overseas distro:

thanks again everyone, STATIC STATIC and ROMANCE NOVELS up next!
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