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Posted: Jul 17, 2007 7:01 pm | Edited by: Z Gun
The first issue of Z Gun is now available. Z Gun was created by Scott Soriano and Ryan Wells because we felt that there was a criminal lack of readable zines, especially one that covered the type of music we love. Using several old classic zines as templates we assembled our own with layout assistance from Jeff Heermann and contributions from Monty Buckles, Sean Wright, Min Yee, Jacques A., and some TB turds who we ripped off. The first issue includes intervies with and stuff on the Brainbombs, Pink Reason, Not Not Fun Records, SFTRI, SF Art Punk (the TB Guide to... updated and expanded), Black Humor, and tons of record reviews. It is 40 pages tabloid size.

It costs $4 postpaid US, $5 postpaid Canada/Mexico, & $7 postpaid elswhere.
Retailers, mail orders & distros contact me for wholesale rates & minimum order.

paypal: ss@s-srecords.com put "Z GUN 1" in subject line (you are welcome to order with other stuff in the S-S catalog http://s-srecords.com but contact me with what you want, per usual)

It will also be available at Pens & Needles, Academy, Goner, Florida's Dying, Midheaven, and Xmist, as well as other places. Probably in a week or so.

New reviews at http://z-gun.org

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