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Posted: Jul 10, 2007 3:03 pm
Garbage Whores // The Anomalys split 7 " single

A Fistful of Records AFOR 0010

Don't be offended by German crew Garbage Whores, they mean it well!! One Take Ernie and Sissy Spacek Montgomery take the meaning out of the words "distortion" and "compression" a few dimensions further down the drain. If all other garage stuff is recorded in the red, then what colour is this in, huh?

Songs are "Pizza Prostitution" and "Blow My Whistle" and truly they don't give a shit whether you call it electro-oi or terrorpolka, dass ist ihn scheiss egal, ja!!!!

Amsterdam's The Anomalys are on the other A-side (no B-sides on this one, baby). They tear it up with their moral anthem "Fucking Integrity" and finish it off with a nice sonic assault called "Moment of Doubt". Let's say eh....if all good art can be distinguished from all bad art by the existence of an Inner Necessity, then boy, these guys have plenty of that stuff in store! Plus their high-speed high-energy mayhem always puts a big grin on our faces, so what are you waiting for ?

Scum stats: 540 made, 2-colour hand-screened sleeve, hand-numerated.
contact: afistfulofrecords-at-yahoo.com

And for anybody in the neigborhood:

Anomalyswhores release party, with both bands !

Go check it out, they fockin' rock!

FRIDAY 13Th JULY, Pacific Parc, Westergasfabriek-terrein, Amsterdam.
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