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Posted: Jun 26, 2007 1:15 am | Edited by: katherine
Has the death of your sister's goldfish left you tongue tied? Are you out of original words to express the joy you feel for your best friend on her birthday? Do you have an enemy you want to get back at? A hot date you want to impress?

Cure the pain of not knowing exactly what to say with a singing telegram from the Scandaliz Vandalistz! Tell us your message, and we will write a song which will communicate that message in a far more eloquent fashion than words alone can achieve. We will surprise your recipient at any location in Memphis. We'll even make a recording of the song we write so that the recipient can re-experience the glorious moment of surprise again and again, becoming less and less surprised each time.

Call (901)-674-0959 or email scandalizvandalistz@gmail.com
we charge fifteen dollars (but, i mean...we really like doing it, so we'll do it for less...) help support our summer 07 mini-tour!

references from past satisfied customers available upon request

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