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Posted: Jun 19, 2007 6:02 pm | Edited by: wlad
The FEELING OF LOVE 7" : french one man band, from east of France. fucked up desperate bluespunk with frustration, no girl, alcohol, Doo Rag, free porn sites...

Straight outta Italy come MOVIE STAR JUNKIES 7" : Dirty' n' loud stuff, full of Scientists, Suicide, dope, illness...Hallelujah !!!

Still Hot :

EL VICIO 7" : a great duo, from south of France. These guys are obsessed by B zombie movies and play a primitive trash blues a la Bassholes !!!

The TOUCH-ME-NOTS 7" : Husband & Wife duo cranking out trashy roots rock n roll from California !!!

few copies left :

THE GOLDEN BOYS 7" : a pure country blues, psychedelic moment of an alcoholized escape with James Arthur and Matt Hoopengardner...

THE PLUTONES 7" : another french guys loving America by the way of the Oblivians records. If you love Jerry Lewis this is for you...

LIMES 7" : from Memphis with Jack Oblivian, Nick Diablo, Harlan T. Bobo and Shawn Cripps. Velvety Underground, Jonathan Richmond and a general happy fun clatter trudging along at medium speed with a Gris Gris nostalic 60's and 70's feel.

All infos, sleeves, mp3s, blablabla... here
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