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Posted: Apr 30, 2007 10:58 pm
Hey ya coozes.

ALL the Hubble Bubble and Speedies pre-orders have shipped, as well as to all the wholesalers who already ordered, again thanks a lot!!

So, we just sent out the masters for these two, I will keep you updated as to when they will be available. No long pre-order waits, I will only accept money when the shipment is en route:

Raxola S/T LP RHB-104 $12.00
The 1978 LP on Philips, first official from-the-masters appearance on vinyl since it was originally pressed. With classics like "84's Man" and "Wildcat." A classic album and a definate essential for people into early European punk.

Hubble Bubble "Faking" LP RHB-103/DMR-106 $15.00
Part two of our Hubble Bubble vinyl reissue series (wha....there's a part 3??!?.....we'll see...) sees the Belgian boys veering into amazing pop decadance while keeping their teeth still sharp!!!! First offical vinyl appearance since it was originally issued. What? Yer not gonna get this?!?? Puh-leezz...

We also picked up for distro:

The Marbles LP (Vinyl Countdown) $12.00
Man, did we want to do this! It's ok because Vinyl Countdown did a great job with this essential reissue.

And right down the pipeline...

Radio City LP/CD RHB-105 LP $12.00/CD $10.00
Ridiculously great NY Power-pop that could have been recorded anywhere in America. All unreleased from '77-'78, from the same school of The Scruffs, Cheap Trick, Blue Ash, The Raspberries, The Shoes and Big Star. Great harmonies, Byrdsy guitars, and songs about girls and the radio. To check out their stuff go here: http://www.myspace.com/radiocity79

Milk N' Cookies !!! RHB-106 2xLP $17.00
Holy smokes! Milk N' Cookies is being pressed in the U. S. of A. for the very first time! The Island record only came out in the UK and Germany, the CD was pressed in the UK and that's that!!! Radio Heartbeat is totally freaking out that we get to do this. The Island LP just as it was and a whole 'nother LP of bonus tracks like "Wok n' Woll" and "Tinkertoy Tomorrow." We're still seeing what kinda stuff we can find! IT's a gatefold, loaded with photos and liners. And it's going to come with a reproduction of the UK-only record store promo-poster!!! Holy shit!

20/20 The LOST Sessions!! 2LP?? More? CD/2CD?!?
This thing keeps growing and growing. It's a big project, and we're still finding stuff. Basically, everything under the sun by 20/20 before the first album. Demo versions of the songs you know, and lots (14 and growing) of songs you've never heard from various early sessions. The full story of 20/20 is yet to be realized and this will be a very important chapter, as some of these unreleased songs belong in the same American Powerpop Pantheon of Goodness as "Yellow Pills" and "Cheri." To hear just one, the great "Going Up With My Girl" go to our myspace site. Steve Allen (guitar player/singer) keeps emailing me with new more tapes he's found, some of which Ron Flynt (bass player/singer) doesn't even remember existing!!! I don't know who's more excited about this, William and I or Steve from Boys Club. We don't know when it will be released, but it's definately happenin'!

The Poppees/The Boyfriends LP/CD
Another coup for us! We love the hometown heroes, so it's a great treat to be able to make the Boyfriends and Poppees music available again!! Featuring the classics "Voice on the Line," "I Need Your Love" and "You're the One." Bobby Dee is the best!

The Shivvers-Vinyl reissues.
We have acquired vinyl rights for the Shivvers and Orbits. Yee haw.

Still available..
The Speedies"Speedy Delivery" RHB-101 CD: $10.00, LP $12.00
Hubble Bubble "S/T" RHB-102/DMR-005 LP: $15.00
Posted: May 1, 2007 11:56 pm
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