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Posted: Apr 27, 2007 11:55 am | Edited by: LoryAnn
I'm sorry for the spamming but maybe you want to know that there are new records, cheese and ham...

LKKK05- JEFFIE GENETIC "Killed by Jeff" (LP) 300 copies (10 euro)
This is the first solo-album "Need a wave" (CD on Dirtnap records) by this ex-New Town Animals, now in Tranzmitors with 5 bonus tracks! For synth-punk fanatics! Never released on vinyl before!

LKKK06- D.O.A. "Triumph of the ignoroids" (7") 1100 copies: 1000 on black + 100 colored (4 euro/ 5 euro)
Formed in Vancouver in 1978, DOA have managed to be the longest reigning punk act in Canada. This is their debut "Triumph Of The Ignoroids" (a 12" released in 1979) reissued as 7" with a bonus track!

LKKK07- MODERNETTES "Get modern or get f*cked" (LP) 1100 copies: 1000 on black + 100 colored (10 euro/ 12 euro)
Coming ashore with the second wave of Vancouver new wave punk, (1980-83) the Modernettes delivered some great songs. Led by Buck Cherry (John Armstrong) and backed by Mary Jo Kopechne and Jughead on bass and drums, the Modernettes had a distinct personality and style that wasn't just copying the latest band of yobs from the U.K. Listen to the rawness and the pure ecstatic melody of; "Teen City", "Suicide Club" and "Rebel Kind" and of course what should have been a smash hit "Barbra". Then check out the melancholy of "Confidential". Also included are tracks from the rare Gone but not Forgiven LP, the View From the Bottom EP, as well as super-rare unreleased live tracks & rehearsal recordings.

LKKK08- YOUNG CANADIANS "A.k.a. the K-tels" (LP) 1100 copies: 1000 on black + 100 colored (10 euro/ 12 euro)
The Young Canadians blazed onto to the Vancouver scene in early 1979 and were soon heralded as one of the most creative, mostly undiscovered punk/new wave scene's best bands, alongside the Subhumans, Pointed sticks and D.O.A. This reissue includes the Hawaii EP (1979), the Bob Rock-produced This Is Your Life EP and few previously unreleased live tracks.

LKKK09- M.O.T.O. "Turn your head and cough" (LP) 300 copies (10 euro)
Masters Of The Obvious (or M.O.T.O), is one of the best bands in mixing punk, pop and wave. Formed in Chicago in 1981 by Paul Caporino, the lineup of the band has seen many changes over the years, with Caporino being the only consistent member. This is the reissue of their first tape dated 1985!!!

LKKK10- V/A "Elvis meet the Beatles O.S.T." (10") 300 copies (8 euro)
This is not a movie soundtrack but a mad trip in the mind of the genious director John Michael McCarthy... It's psych, it's beat, it's r'n'r, it's garage, it's 100% pop-culture!

RON 068- REALITY "Singles and more: 1982-1984" (LP) 300 copies on red vinyl (11 euro)
A 11 track compilation of singles, demos and live material from Norfolk anarcho-punk band who formed in 1981 aged 13 and 14. All material remastered by Sex Pistols producer Dave Goodman.
PURE PUNK records

Split release between two of the best new bands to come out of the Italian Punk scene in years. No White Rag return with 3 hot new tracks of fast Streetpunk/Hardcore with an Anarcho touch sounding like a mix of Conflict, Unseen and The Varukers while Psycho Negatives make their debut with a dose of early 80's leather, bristles & studs singalong Streetpunk reminiscent of Blitz, One Way System and Chron Gen.

PPR011- Soldier Dolls "s/t" LP (9 euro)
Second instalment in the series... Soldier Dolls remain one of the more obscure Welsh Punk bands of the early 80's. This album includes their ultra-rare singles "What Do They Now?" and "Taste Of Blood" plus 8 previously unreleased demo and live recordings.

PPR010- Drongos For Europe "s/t" LP (9 euro)
First in a reissue series of lesser-known and obscure early 80's UK Punk bands... 20 tracks by Birmingham's finest Punk Rock band featuring their "Adverse Chorus", "Death's A Career", "Eternity" and "Cool Baby/This Town" 7"Eps plus rare and unreleased tracks recorded in 1983-84.

PPR009- No White Rag "Da Che Parte Stai? 7" (4 euro)
"Killer debut release from these young studded and spiked Punx from Italy playing fast, loud and in-your-face UK '82 style Punk Rock similar to the Varukers, Unseen and Virus.

PPR008- Swellbellys/Dishonour Squad Split 7" (4 euro)
Scottish veterans teaming up with Italian young spikey-haired gang for an all-out Streetpunk assault. 4 tracks of powerful and fast UK '82 Streetpunk/Hardcore somewhere between The Exploited, Antidote, Chaos UK and Agnostic Front.

PPR007- Cropknox "...Do What?" 7" (4 euro)
Brand new single by San Francisco's most promising young Punk outfit featuring 3 pissed off pogo Punk anthems in the vein of Blitz, Abrasive Wheels and Uproar.

PPR006- Vendetta "Terror Forever... Forever Terror" 7" (4 euro)
New Italian band previously known as The Bloodline kicking out powerful Rock'n'Roll influenced Hardcore. An incendiary blend of Motorhead, Black Flag, Germs with a hint of Old School Hardcore.

PPR005- Rotten Boi!s "Pogo Beer & Spikey Hair... This Is Our Life" CD (10 euro)
27 track complete discography by one of the best Italian Streetpunk bands of the 90's. This CD includes the entire first album "Pogo Beer & Spikey Hair", all the songs from their 3 split singles and CD with F.F.D., Twinkles, Last Years Youth and The Disgorge plus 4 unreleased tracks.

PPR004- Bier Kampf "Cuore Duro"MCD (7 euro)
6 track debut CD from this Italian Oi! band. This is no mess, no fuss just pure beer-fueled and raw Oi!/Skinhead Rock'n'Roll with gruff vocals and great street-wise lyrics.

PPR003- Rotten Boi!s/The Disgorge Split CD (10 euro)
Killer dual Streetpunk attack from Italy!!! 4 tracks by each band of UK '82 styled Punk. Great packaging with lyrics of both bands, pictures, etc...

SPR001- Rotten Boi!s/Last Years Youth Split 7" (4 euro)
Split releases featuring U.K. snotty '77 Punk Rockers and Italy's favourite spiky haired drunk Punx Rotten Boi!s.

PPR002- Rotten Boi!s/The Twinkles Split 7" (3 euro)
Two Italian Punk Rock bands join their forces together for this 4 track split 7"EP. Streetpunk la Casualties meets catchy '77 Punk Rock la The Boys, etc...
...PRE-ORDER (available in September 07)

LKKK03- WALTER DANIELS "Blow his top / Tabernaclin" (2xLP) 300 copies (? euro)
Double LP! A record with all the bands led by the great blues-r'n'r artist Walter Daniels ( Bloodsucking Go-Devils, Wade & Walter, Bare ass minimums, Kodiaks, Jack O'Fire, Enduro, Revelators, Big foot chester, Drunken angels, Tex Edwards & Texacala Jones,...) and a bonus LP with the second album by the blues-garage band Big Foot Chester!

LKKK04- BIG FOOT CHESTER "Pummelin' de blues / The devil in me" (2xLP) 300 copies (? euro)
The first and the last album by this legendary blues band ( with members of Poison 13, Lord High fixers, Jack O'Fire, Sugar shack, King sound quartet, South filthy, Cryin' Out louds,...) finally on vinyl!!!

LKKK11- CRANFORD NIX "A heart that ain't ever been pure" (2xLP) 300 copies (? euro)
Superb collection of acoustic recordings by the late Malakas leader! On the first Lp 16 unreleased demo-tracks and the second vinyl includes Malakas' hits played by the "Little-man" himself!

LKKK12- CRANFORD NIX "Is a way of life" (2xLP) 300 copies (? euro)
Volume 2 of the collection of rare recordings by the Malakas leader (1969.-2002). A lot of unreleased songs, some Malakas hits, few live and the best of his side-projects: Boomerang bitchslap, Mars needs woman, Semi precious gems.
FOIE GRAS records

FiGa#1- GAG-FACTORS "We rock / You suck" (7") 300 copies (? euro)
You can't miss the debut of this mysterious italian band! No live act but rock in the garage! Imagine a mix of Pork dukes punkrock songs & lyrics, Teeanage head power-pop sing-a-long and Turbonegro gay-attitude!!!

RON 060- V/A "Vancouver complication" (2xLP) 1000 copies (15 euro, tbc)
The reissue of the 1979 Vancouver Complication showcasing the best and brightest of that city's early punk and new wave scene. Includes 37 tracks from DOA, POINTED STICKS, SUBHUMANS, WASTED LIVES, EXXOTONE, ACTIVE DOG, U-J3RK5, NO FUN, DISHRAGS, BIZ, K-TELS (aka YOUNG CANADIANS), SHADES, TIM RAY & THE DRUTS, PRIVATE SCHOOL, and more.

RON 050- Sonny Vincent "Semper fidelis (1972-2002)" (3xLP) 1000 copies (20 euro, tbc)
Amazing collection with every Sonny Vincent's project! You can hear tracks played by the Fury (1972), the Testors (1976), Primadonnas (1979), Sonny and the Extreme (1983), the Model prisoner (1984), the Shotgun rationale (1986), the Dons (1994), Sonny Vincent and the Rat race choir (1997) and his collaboration with members of Stooges, Damned, Velvet underground, Suicide commandos, Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers, Half japanese, Husker du, Tank, Plasmatics, Deadboys, Gumball, Richard Hell & the Voidoids, Leatherwoods, Devil dogs, Safety pins, Else Admire, Loveslug, BGK, Beasts of Bourbon, Rocket from the crypt, Texas Terri, Zeros, Mc 5, A-Bones, Black flag, Lords of the new church, Lazy cowgirls, Weirdos, Cramps, ....
ladykinkykarrot@yahoo.com or the damned http://www.myspace.com/ladykinkykarrot
ps: Modernettes, Jeffie genetic and Young canadians will be delayed*, I could
send you DOA 7", MOTO LP, REALITY LP and Elvis meet the Beatles 10"!

*= Hi! the pressing plant closed on thursday without warning or anything. I am surprised, that you got part of the records.
We do not know any reason why. Nobody knows anything. My lawyer tried to get some information. Nothing!Sorry about this mess! We are all very shocked! We worked with this company for years! They were friend to us! This is evrything very shocking!Sorry! Bieber

goodbye ZYX

Posted: Jun 5, 2007 10:27 am

A customer told me that the MOTO LPs he received has the same tracks on side A and on side B... I checked my own copies and these are OK, but the last box I've here have this problem so there should be some wrong copies around... You should check the engravings (the stuff written around LP labels) and if they are the same on side A and B these copies should be returned to me and i'll substitute them!

Thanx for your patience


PS: take a hear to: www.myspace.com/thegagfactors
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