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Posted: Apr 23, 2007 11:47 pm
first ep out now on Giant Leeches Attack


" we may as well shed ourselves of any possible superfluous suspense: Extreme Cherokee is without any shadow of a doubt the most audacious bands that
the metal scene has witnessed in the last 30 years.
Reviewing a record such a " spirit of the extreme cherokee" is probqbly for all journalists, a childs dream come True.

Where can we start? the production ? that dismisses anything that could have been made until this day; this record is simply an example of what AMAZING MUSIC sounds like.

On the first beat of the drums, my contact lenses snapped and I am now blind.
The instumental mastery is not disapointing: each band member being a virtuoso in each of their field. The guitars are precise and powerful, reminding one after the other, of panteras best riffs played with timo tollkis ( stratovarius) touch.
The bass player has made a consequential place for himself in this lava of sound and slides down his shaft such a horseman galloping down the hillsides of the great north.
Words fail me. The hihgly charged beat of the drums make one think of a thousand wild horses; rarely has such an alchemy between power and precision been successfully attained.

That leaves us with the voices, all of which are mastered to perfection and incorporate a very diverse range of tonalities.
varying from holler to clean , we are still swimming in blissful perfection, as if blessed with grace.
we will comment on the sparse but nevertheless Extremely effective use of keyboards, which weaves throughout the album an enticing ambiance.

9 tracks. no more is needed of extreme cherokee to revisit and reinterpret all the modern metal codes. Fast and epic, this french band, has presented us with 9 little treasures.
If you had only 9 minutes to live what would you do? on my part i think I have my little idea...
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