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Posted: Apr 2, 2007 11:10 pm
OK guys, the CDs have been out for a while, but I got the word in today that Revolver got their vinyl copies in today from the pressing plant, meaning it's officially available now. You can order it through them, or through S-S who should have about thirty or forty copies within a week or so. You can also ask Goner about copies, as they mentioned picking up some copies a while back

Here's some reviews:

Pink Reason is Wisconsin D.I.Y. home-recording savant Kevin DeBroux and his battery of lo-tech tools, creating a sound not unlike a more traditionally musical version of Jandek's atonal folk-blues. The comparison is most obvious on stripped-down guitar and voice tunes like "Motherfucker," and the skeletal, reverb-drenched closer "Up the Sleeve." But wisely, DeBroux varies his approach widely on these six lengthy tunes. Therefore, "Storming Heaven" incorporates primitive electronics, moaning vocals and gallons of echo to create something akin to the prog-psych frenzy of the United States of America and the Silver Apples. "Thrush" is more melodic, with a downright haunting keyboard line decorated by a plodding rhythm track that sounds like the clanking of Jacob Marley's chains. Those with a taste for the fringier elements of the alt folk underground would do well to check out Pink Reason. Unlike many similarly insular artists, there is no sense of put-on or persona in these songs (cough *Devendra Banhart* cough), and there's a definite aesthetic sense on display here that makes Cleaning the Mirror a difficult but not impossible record to decode and enjoy.

There is something casually chaotic about the depression that Pink
Reason brings. Some kidnappers keep their presence hidden until
they reach from behind you to put a chloroform rag over your mouth.
If the music of Pink Reason was a kidnapper, he would smash your
doorknob with a hammer. He would knock over a lamp as he chased you
across your messy living room. It would take him a moment to catch
you. When he did, he would put a black pillowcase over your head
and press you to the ground as he used electrical tape to bind your
ankles and wrists behind your back. You would just lay there for a
few minutes, crying and listening as the kidnapper paced around the
room, muttering shit that you don't understand, knocking into
things and generally making a bit of a clatter. As he dragged you
out your front door, he would leave your body propped over your
front steps. The cold concrete would press hard against your ribs.
When you realize that your kidnapper has disappeared, you are
relieved. You wait for someone to come and help you—maybe a friend,
a relative, a lover—someone who cares about you. It's going to be a
long wait.
-M.P. Johnson (Razorcake)
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