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Posted: Mar 17, 2007 1:31 am
Just threw a few up there for now, but I'll have several more up by the end of the week.


Evolutions "Hail Fucked Up R&B" 7" (Yakisakana)
Clone Defects "Bottled Woman" 7" (Tom Perkins)
Gasoline "Let's Go Harley" 7" (Goner)
FM Knives "Estrogen" 7" (SmartGuy)
Final Solutions "Eat Shit" 7" (Therapeutic)
The Marked Men "I Can't Be Good" 7" (Mortville)
Reatards "Problem Child" 7" (Zaxxon Virile Action)
Posted: Mar 19, 2007 4:21 am
Just put more up.
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