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Posted: Mar 6, 2007 5:23 pm

DEMOLITION DOLLRODS-With Love 7" for Joe Coleman gories
CLONE DEFECTS- 1st 7" Bottled Women jack white stripes
CLONE DEFECTS -2nd 7" Scissors Chop jack white stripes
CLONE DEFECTS -3RD 7" Lizard Boy
THE JADES 45 7" - Pre Velvet Underground feat LOU REED
MEAN RED SPIDERS-Last Of Teen Icons 7" kbd vom gg allin
SPASTICS - "CHERRY POP" 7" rip offs trashwomen radio x
TEENGENERATE-Dressed In Black 7" rip offs kbd reatards
TONIGHT-1978 7" teengenerate needle record registrators
BABY SHAKES-1st 7" PINK WAX 100 made carbonas reatards
BLACK TIME-Hate The World 7" fatals reatards black lips
FAGGZ- Wha-I-Knee 7" hickey matty luv fboyz 50 million
GORIES-To Find Out / Ichiban dirtbombs white stripes
LE SHOK/STITCHES split 7" locust reatards fm bats gsl
LITTLE KILLERS - LOT of 2 7"s black lips wfmu reatards
PIRANHAS-2nd 7" clone defects human eye country teasers
ROCK BOTTOM & The SPYS 7" repress KBD vom anna nicole
SOUTH BAY SURFERS-7" King U, KOWH, retarded OLDIES rock
SCREECHING WEASEL - Punkhouse 7" queers, ben, green day
TAPEWORM - Break My Face 7" repress KBD vom crime
DEMOLITION DOLLRODS - African Lipstick 7" Bulb gories
DEMOLITION DOLLRODS - Spolied Kitty 7" ITR gories
DEMOLITION DOLLRODS - Power Cruise 7" gories oblivians
FEELERS / BLANK ITS split 7" CLEAR reatards black lips
HEADCOATEES - Learning Karate 7" thee billy childish
LEG HOUNDS - xoxo 7" #113 of 500 Devil Dogs Marked Men
MARKED MEN - S/T 7" rip offs reatards devil dogs spits
MnM's - Knock Knock 7" Powerpop Nikki Corvette BOMP!
NAZIs FROM MARs / FOREHEADS split 7" volt metal urbain
Big Balls & Great White Idiot 1st LP repro ed of 50 kbd
BORN BAD Vol 1 lp - Cramps, Wanda Jackson, Link Wray
CHARLIE FEATHERS - New Jungle Fever 12" Cramps rab lp
CUTS-s/t LP time flys, reigning sound, goner black lips
DANIEL JOHNSTON - Hi, How are you LP half japanese
HOLLYWOOD BRATS-s/t LP Boys New York Dolls glam kbd
KILLED BY DEATH Vol 1- WHITE Vinyl kbd bloodstains punk
LOLI & THE CHONES - 2nd LP ed of 100 rip offs mexicans
MEATMEN-and you suck LP Original 1st ed Touch and Go
BEACHNUTS - Pre-Velvet Underground Lou Reed ORIGINAL
the TREND - Batman Live at Budokan LP KB
Posted: Mar 8, 2007 9:06 am
what happened to the mean red spiders record?
Posted: Mar 9, 2007 3:55 pm | Edited by: jerkalert
what happened to the mean red spiders record?

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