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Posted: Sep 29, 2008 9:05 am
Out of Business

All locations closed.

Sad days for fans of CHEAP eats and FREE CHIPS AND SALSA.
Posted: Sep 29, 2008 9:19 am
i never went there the whole time i lived in new york. was it decent? i lived in elmhurst so i had the boss mothefuckin' authentic mexican eats surrounding me.
Posted: Sep 29, 2008 9:38 am
joe, you're a real mexican. you would have thought it was gay... then again, i never liked the benny's "chain" in NYC either.
Posted: Sep 29, 2008 10:00 am
I never speak ill of anywhere that has free chips and salsa. Nor am I a mexican food snob. Really good cheap fast food, and seemingly everywhere in the city.
Posted: Sep 29, 2008 10:29 am
Jimmy Buffet never wrote a better tune than that one!
Posted: Sep 29, 2008 6:26 pm
that's a hee haw!
Posted: Sep 29, 2008 8:25 pm
I never speak ill of anywhere that has free chips and salsa.

even if they're not so good?

burritoville always disappointed me. its cheapness made me give it another chance every few months. and then i was disappointed. oh well. another one bites the dust
Posted: Sep 30, 2008 8:08 am
o poor TK in the City.

even if they're not so good? - not only good but UNLIMITED SELF SERVE.
Posted: Sep 30, 2008 9:59 am
joe, you're a real mexican.

i'm a real half mexican.
Posted: Oct 2, 2008 12:07 am
i stand by my old taco trucks:
broadway & 96
broadway & 104

mexican food done right
and cheaper than burritoville

the thing is: I DO NOT LIKE BURRITOS
give me those ingredients in a different format!
Posted: Oct 2, 2008 11:07 pm
me neither. that's why i likea the softa shella a taco-ah. It tastesa bettuh than ya mommasuh lasagnAH!
Posted: Oct 3, 2008 3:09 pm
i liked burritoville when i was in nyc.

for lunch, i would get a big ass burrito for 5 bucks, plus free water & free chips/salsa.
Posted: Oct 3, 2008 10:55 pm
big ass burrito

that's an oxymoron if you ask me

if you need a fork to eat a burrito, its not a burrito
you may like it
and it may indeed taste good
but its not a burrito
especially if there's rice in it
Posted: Oct 7, 2008 10:16 pm
Burritoville was ok.

HIGHLY recommend Endless summer taco truck on Bedford ave in the burg. Great stuff!!!

Even TK would approve. Blows 96th street taco truck away.
Posted: Oct 7, 2008 11:34 pm
Endless summer taco truck on Bedford ave in the burg

i had their tacos
i approve!

i also loved the big ass tamales at mexico 2000 or whatever that place is called. and i normally like little oaxacan style tamales.

its just burritos ... bad format. actually its the flour tortilla that has no place in my life
Posted: Oct 7, 2008 11:38 pm
mystic records
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