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Posted: Oct 21, 2006 4:01 am
Posted: Oct 21, 2006 5:48 am | Edited by: Razor A Go Go
That fuckin' lobster better put out before I eat it.
Posted: Oct 21, 2006 6:16 am
there are better things you can buy for 40 bucks......
Posted: Oct 21, 2006 6:32 am
Posted: Oct 21, 2006 7:30 am | Edited by: Hugh Jass
At all the cruddy "California Cusine" and "Fusion" places around here, you can spend $40 or more on an entree and leave the restaurant so hungry that you have to eat at Jack-in-the-Box afterwards. That meal is what I call "the After-Jack." If I spend $40 on an entree, I want to feel so full afterwards that I'm on the verge of vomiting and my pants are on the verge of splitting. THAT'S fine dining!
Posted: Oct 21, 2006 5:13 pm
$40 an entree is one thing - but $40 for an appetizer is revolting.

I am a foodie and I dig high end food - but that article underlies why I eat ethnic and never, ever order steak in a high end restaurant.
Posted: Oct 21, 2006 7:13 pm
but that article underlies why I eat ethnic and never, ever order steak in a high end restaurant.

it also underlies all the things that suck about american culture

in france, i'd always get steak frites... even in the train station diners, they were way better than most american restaurants... and much less than $40 per plate!
Posted: Oct 21, 2006 9:52 pm | Edited by: fierydrunk
When it gets to the part about the main reason it is being done is manipulative Menu Engineering, well, fuck that. I never eat in those places anyway..I do mad research on any restaurant I set foot in and Hollis & I eat well, but we top out. There are great restaurants here where you can eat well, with pretty large portions, get beverages (inc. alcoholic) and possibly desserts and still maybe only pay around $40-$50 total per person. Ordering the Chef's Menu can be good like that. It also helps that Hollis is a server and half the time we get desserts comped.
Posted: Oct 21, 2006 9:53 pm
Hollis is a server

I never thought you'd stoop so low. Hell, that's almost MEXICAN!!!
Posted: Oct 21, 2006 11:38 pm
Almost. But not quite.

(Hey! I love Mexican food!)
Posted: Oct 23, 2006 1:44 am
most places in memphis that are trendy top out at 30, but occasionally, they go more on specials. i spend way more money going out to eat than someone in my income bracket ever should. it's stupid.

that lobster dish there looks fantastic though. i'd probably try it once.
Posted: Oct 23, 2006 2:13 am
I completely understand the woman interviewed where she says that if she spends $40 on an entree it better be out of this world good and look fantastic. Also, it sets up servers to provide amazing service "OR ELSE" b/c diners are going to be so conscious of what kind of $$$ they are paying for their meal. I wonder if tips are going up or if people are chintzing out on tipping???? I guess there are people who will always suck as tippers and those that tip extreme amounts, so hopefully it balances out.
Posted: Oct 23, 2006 2:28 am
no matter what i eat, pricewise, i always tip well. always. if people chintz out on tipping, they should have their stupid asses kicked. hard.
Posted: Oct 23, 2006 2:42 am
Uh....EXCUSE ME???!!!

Forty Dollars? I have Pepe line my bird cage with forty one dollar bills everyday???!!!! Good food cost A little more than the Bowery Bum's whole pocket book combined people!! For real food you can't go less than 2 grand on a meal. Ya just can't. I mean, do you people live in a 3rd world country or something? Is good food just THAT hard to come by?

You could start training your palate to something human being's in the 21st century eat by going here...Jeesh, you can lead a horse to water...you know the rest...

Posted: Oct 23, 2006 2:46 am
whatever sarah jessica parker. i thoroughly expected something a little bit pricier than that. i'm disappointed. did you get demoted or something? is that why you're slacking? you're going to have to start trading in your jimmy choos for some payless soon! no manolos fo' you, ho.

by the way, you can go take your perfume and stick it where the sun don't shine. hahah.
Posted: Oct 23, 2006 2:47 am
you can lead a horse to water...

You should know, horse face.
Posted: Oct 23, 2006 10:59 pm
Uh,...EXCUSE ME???!!!

Am I at a horse stable? NO!!! Am I on the farm like some of you? NO! I'm at places like MASA. Maybe thats on your level miss ELLE... Prix Fixe starts at $300 whole dollars. Of course if you feel like sitting at the grown people's table, you can get the real prix fixe at $500 DOLLARS. Maybe I'll see you there at the bar tonight miss ELLE. Here's a link so you can check it out before you mortgage your trailer or whatever it is you live in.

Posted: Oct 23, 2006 11:17 pm

are they serving you some straw there at masa? that's some high dollar hay and alfalfa there, miss parker. i'm surprised you can get your hooves into those heels. BRAAAAAY.
Posted: Oct 23, 2006 11:18 pm
spend way more money going out to eat than someone in my income bracket ever should. it's stupid.

this is the very reason i'm poor. that and i should quit buying records and guitars and become a hermit.
Posted: Oct 24, 2006 12:15 am

this is the very reason i'm poor. that and i should quit buying records and guitars and become a hermit.

i don't know if i could handle not buying records. i don't buy guitars really, so i'd have to substitute clothes for that and i am terrible about buying clothes all the time too. and if i didn't go out...i'd save a ton of money. so yeah...pretty much the same problem. heheh. oh well...i guess i'm just gonna remain broke.
Posted: Oct 24, 2006 9:40 pm
i need a sugar mama
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