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Posted: Jan 5, 2006 5:45 pm
Tis true... I really wanted to walk down there when I was workin at WOWSVILLE a couple years ago when AL Goldstein got hired as a 'greeter'. But he got fired after a few days for sleeping on the job. Halarious!

Posted: Jan 5, 2006 5:53 pm
Gald I got to have pastrami and corned beef there on the same day.
Posted: Jan 5, 2006 6:46 pm
This blows! First Ratner's closes and now this! The real Jewish Lower East Side is almost completely gone. If they ever close Katz's, I'm totally never coming back to NYC- family and friends be damned.
Posted: Jan 5, 2006 6:55 pm
Dude. I used to live right around the corner from Ratners. I used to go in there for cheescake. I went in on thanksgiving & the dickhead threw the silver at me after I sat down cause 'I wasn't jewish' he said. Never been back. Hope the pickle shop on Essexx stays . I love that place!
Check it out:

Posted: Jan 5, 2006 7:02 pm
You're not Jewish? Damn, I'm gonna hafta rethink our friendship.
Posted: Jan 5, 2006 7:15 pm
Blonde haired blue eyed German as a matter of fact. It's a PERFECT relationship!!! hahahahaha....
Posted: Jan 5, 2006 7:19 pm
So THAT'S why you're always telling me to take a shower.
Posted: Jan 5, 2006 7:20 pm

Posted: Jan 5, 2006 7:24 pm
the dickhead threw the silver at me after I sat down cause 'I wasn't jewish' he said.

Being a full-blooded NY-born yid, my experiences in there weren't so harsh, but even so, that doesn't sound like the waiters I remember from that place. They didn't seem to be in any shape to be taking a 'tude with customers. Most of them were around 115 and they had their pants pulled up to their armpits.
Posted: Jan 5, 2006 7:32 pm
Yup. Same dudes. Maybe they didn't wanna work on thanksgiving or somethin. Who knows.
Posted: Jan 5, 2006 7:59 pm
Maybe they didn't wanna work on thanksgiving or somethin. Who knows.
Or maybe you looked like one of the guards that beat them at Bergen-Belsen.
Posted: Jan 5, 2006 8:03 pm
Maybe I was !! Hey now! ho-ho! ha-ha!
I'm terrible.
Posted: Jan 6, 2006 7:39 am
so why didn't the east village jewish mafia rally around the 2nd ave deli the way everyone rallied around cbgb? the lebewohls even paid their rent on time AND the elder lebewohl even got killed on the job.
glad i ate there, no matter how overpriced it was
Posted: Jan 6, 2006 11:35 am
$30,000 a month..back in the 7ts my my hard ass dyke sister in law (had a mind a sharp as a diamond and could disarm you with compassion) she live (s) in rent controled LES and besides the walking tours of little Italy and Chinatown, we (she was hooked up with some gay opera singer) took us to some tiny joint just off Broadway, a Turkish eatery that BARBARA liked. Owner was cordial but the menu was pricey.

Last time I was in NYC I met the dear soul and took he(r) out to a moms and pops Polish joint, a nice sit down dinner of lambs stew..cheap too. Guess its all about the kind of ethnic food you go for, some have a heavy rep, some are serving their community.
Posted: Jan 6, 2006 4:27 pm
Posted: Jan 6, 2006 6:30 pm
"If the pastrami sandwich goes down the drain," he said, "there's no hope for this country at all."
Posted: Jan 6, 2006 6:46 pm
Nice quote by the landlord: "Listen, we didn't want to put him out of business. I thought we were pretty fair."

Since when has a Manhattan landlord ever been fair?
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