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Posted: Dec 31, 2005 3:33 am
I have a nearly 60 year old Iron Skillet. Needless to say it's well seasoned, but last night I sat it on the stove to do some cookin' then got an emergency phone call and forgot all about it. I left the house without turnin' off the gas on the stove. Thankfully I didn't burn my house down, but when I returned 7 HOURS LATER the skillet was...well, not in very good shape. I think it might be ruined, but I was hoping someone might have a suggestion.
Posted: Dec 31, 2005 4:06 am
I think you just have to start all over again with the seasoning. Scrub off whatever flakes are left with an S.O.S. pad, then re-season with shortening.
Posted: Dec 31, 2005 4:17 am
Yeah- as far as I know, just scour the shit out of it with steel wool and re-season. Probably take a while and a coupla seasons to get back to "useable" but it should be okay.
Posted: Dec 31, 2005 4:38 am
gramma has the coffee can filled with bacon grease right? put some of that in the scratchez. My gramma puts that shit in the sweet corn, and lies about it too.
Posted: Dec 31, 2005 5:42 am
yes... steel wood scrub your skillet and get all the rust and burn off

season w/ something greasy - whether vegetable oil, bacon fat, crisco, lard, whatever - BAKE in the oven at 350 degrees for one hour and then turn off oven and let the pan cool

if you ever need to clean burnt on crusty stuff in the pan - put it on your burner, pour salt in the pan, turn the heat up and the salt will help bring up the burned off stuff.
Posted: Dec 31, 2005 6:08 am
how do you clean these? i read you don't use soap, just hot water, is this right?
Posted: Dec 31, 2005 6:15 am
you are correct - do not use soap - only hot water

if stuff sticks - try the salt thing
Posted: Dec 31, 2005 6:16 am
lots of debate on the cleaning matters. my general rule is no abrasive cleansers / pads.. soft sponges and dish soap is okay. no scouring pads or harsh chemicals. just hot water alone is preferred if you can get away with it but often times there's too much stuff stuck on there. the most important thing is drying that shit out with a paper towel after you clean it.
Posted: Dec 31, 2005 6:16 am
I don't get the salt thing. doesn't that speed up the rust?
Posted: Dec 31, 2005 9:14 am
no, the salt does two things essential to cleaning
its abrasive without scratching
it absorbs grease

you do NOT put water in the pan, therefore, there's no rust element that enters into the equation. its all DRY cleaning

all stuff i learned working at FOOD NETWORK
Posted: Dec 31, 2005 2:29 pm | Edited by: Whiskey Bent
you do NOT put water in the pan,

Hogwash!...everything was cooked in those black skillets growing up....and I do mean everything and yours-fucking-truly spent 1/2 of said childhood doing the dishes [my brother never had to--grrrr!].

I washed with dish soap [not after every single use - as the grease was reused often], I had to towel-dry thoroughly, then I would have to season it again by applying crisco, spreading it evenly with a paper towel then and sticking it back in the oven...where the two big heavily-used ones lived until use.

I swear we had fried pork chops and fried potatoes & onions every-other-day.....I don't miss it ALL. Well, I still love fried potatoes & onions, just refuse to make 'em anymore.

Eww....I know what I really want a good [easy] recipe for....and grew up eating CONSTANTLY....beans! New subject!
Posted: Dec 31, 2005 4:16 pm
i was sayin that if you are taking out the cooked on stuff using the salt method, you do not add water. the salt doesn't need the water to do its trick

great thing about the cast iron skillet is that you can use your brillo pads w/o fear - as long as you dry the pans thoroughly and grease em up... and when it doubt about them being dry enough, heat them on the range or in the oven to dry
Posted: Dec 31, 2005 8:52 pm
my trick is after cooking, if there is a build up of crap you wont be able to get off, while that bitch is still hot on the stove, throw in some water and it will cook it all off the bottom. works like a champ.

Posted: Dec 31, 2005 8:56 pm
line cooks use ice, it's great for getting eggs up
Posted: Dec 31, 2005 9:30 pm
I make my woman get a fine bristled tooth brush & tell her to get at it right proper before I get hungry next & then all livin hell breaks loose!!!!

Posted: Dec 31, 2005 9:36 pm
Like,...OMG! I can't believe what I'm reading!!! I mean, if Pepe made a mess like that, I think I'd have to have my publicist sell off one of his kids that I own through my 'oh so generous' endentured servent relief program. That would teach him. Those kids sure know how to garden! It's like they are born with it or something??!! Amazing!

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Posted: Jan 1, 2006 2:25 am
my trick is after cooking, if there is a build up of crap you wont be able to get off, while that bitch is still hot on the stove, throw in some water and it will cook it all off the bottom. works like a champ.

that's called de-glazing - usually the liquid is wine or whatever you want to base your sauce on

and the same principle works for cleaning when you use water. the TRICK is that the pan is still hot
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