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Posted: Sep 28, 2005 4:17 pm
Any MAC users that can give me some advice?


My grandmother lives in Memphis, but the rest of my family is spread out all over the country. Said Grandmother frequently gets left out of the loop because she's not on email. I'm thinking about getting her an iMac for Christmas. I don't want to burden her with a PC and I figure, if she calls a grandchild for computer help, I'll be the one that gets the phone call, so I'd just assume she have a Mac. But I want to buy her some kind of tech-support package or, at the very least, have the phone number of someplace in Memphis that can provide support in the event she ever needs help.

When I've bounced this idea off of relatives, they baulk at the idea because (well, one, because they don't want to pitch in on the price tag) but they all make the same excuse- If she gets a computer, she won't even know how to turn it on. If she can get it turned it on, she won't know how to use it, but most of all, if she does use it, the first time the computer breaks down they all say it will sit on a shelf gathering dust because she won't know how to get it repaired, and there's nobody down there to help her.

I don't buy any of that. I know a few of her little lady friends in town have computers, and if they can use one, she surely can too. She's intimidated of computers, but I can tell she feel's left out.

Anyway, I need some advice on MAC tech support options in the Memphis area. She lives very near Germantown. I don't know if the neighborhood is technically just Shelby County, or if it is part of Cordova, but she lives close to where Walnut Grove crosses over Germantown Rd. just East of the penal farm, if there are local neighborhood options that would be really really great.
Posted: Sep 28, 2005 4:54 pm
I've got no memphis info but...

Chances are once the computer is set up she shouldn't have too many problems. Applecare is a great thing - well worth the money. They offer phone support and alla that type of thing.

She'll do better with a MAC then a PC if she's not too familar w/ computers. My old man upstairs neighbor bought an IMAC and loves it.
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