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Posted: Sep 26, 2005 4:25 pm
The Real Matures

I had a real good one but can't remember it right now.
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 4:26 pm
so, when are you gonna start a band, joe?
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 4:34 pm
Middle Age Spread
The Manorexics
Chubby Fatwah & The Roll Mop Herrings
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 4:38 pm
As soon as somebody gives us some free instruments!

so, when are you gonna start a band, joe?
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 4:45 pm
Harry & The Axewounds
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 4:46 pm
Get to it Joe! It could be called Turbo Bazzookkka!
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 4:59 pm
Mustard Bath
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 5:19 pm
Assrape(pronounced ass-rah-pay)
Disco Idles
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 5:20 pm
Nice one Paddy! What was your inspiration?
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 5:39 pm
CNN inspired band names:

Double Evacuee
Feeder Band
Exploding Bus
Thousands of Dead Cattle
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 5:45 pm
you can't take this -

the no wave surfers
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 6:02 pm
The Choad Family
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 6:07 pm
i shoulda taken a pic of bazooka joe after his Mustard Bath yesterday!
another missed opportunity
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 6:16 pm
Middle Age Spread
The Manorexics

I like these.

The Dirty Pillows (would have to be a girl band)
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 6:22 pm | Edited by: Crystal Lake
The Dirty Pillows (would have to be a girl band)

That is so fucking weird... I just had that thought over the weekend, and I haven't even seen Carrie in ages.
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 6:27 pm
Thumbs Up The Ass!
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 6:48 pm
I couldn't remember where I'd heard the reference I just knew it was referring to breasts...
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 6:53 pm
jeffrey had a girl band (well all girls except him) called the dirty pillows. i think that's the band that turned into the mad lovers. my mom thought that it was funny. she thought that they named it after the dirty pillow that was in the bass drum.
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 7:15 pm
Beaver Patrol
Titanicca (Mr. Show reference)
Da Gun Club (punk/blues with a hip hop edge)
Pussy Dick featuring Cool Slim

Posted: Sep 26, 2005 7:57 pm
Beaver Patrol

That's awesome. My friend Ray has a band of all chicks and him called Estee Louder. They're kinda metallish...
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 7:58 pm
That name was used in the 60's.

Beaver Patrol
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 8:19 pm
The Nearly Wets
my nonexistent metal band: Witches Placenta
I'm sure I have more
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 8:30 pm
Ax Gash and the Split Tails...might last 2 shows
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 8:50 pm
Gash Wagon
the Dark Ease
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 10:17 pm
That name was used in the 60's.

Beaver Patrol

It was a Wild Knights song.
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 10:20 pm
blazers - "beaver patrol"
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 10:21 pm | Edited by: bazooka joe
I'm talking about a band that did a version of the Pretty Things "L.S.D." called "E.S.P." There was at least one other band who did "E.S.P." but I can't remember the name...
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 10:50 pm
For realz:

Cheese Turdz
Dildo Molestorz
Fag Vaccinationz
Cunt Teaserz
Electric Blowerz
Provoking Wigglerz
Monkey Brainz
Unctonrollable Tumorz
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 10:51 pm
bands with z on the end are always good
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 11:01 pm
The Anal Port Authority
Psychedelic Psnatch
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 11:04 pm
The Drab Nabbits!
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 11:36 pm
here are some of my band names i use for fake flyers:

tardbirds (complete with fake myspace profile that totally kicks ass)
easy teens
n.y. chinks

my buddy eli came up with the x-statics (genius!!)
Posted: Sep 26, 2005 11:58 pm
the wall martyrs
buttsweat and tears
bud nippers
starchy socks
Posted: Sep 27, 2005 1:02 am
Fudgie Butt
Dog Commander
Fish Riders
St.Bazooka and The Dental Nightnmare Band
Chrome Hawk
Lava Bastard
Earthen Cavern
Aqua Nome?
Posted: Sep 27, 2005 1:46 am
The Leaf Blowers!
Posted: Sep 27, 2005 5:52 pm
the three must be queers!
Posted: Sep 28, 2005 6:24 am
chocolate mustache.
Posted: Sep 28, 2005 6:40 am
Hibernating Snatchsucker
Posted: Sep 29, 2005 11:59 am
The No Brainers
The Stench
Posted: Sep 29, 2005 12:04 pm
The Smelly Kids
Posted: Sep 29, 2005 5:02 pm
sister blister
or the blister sisters
doesn't have to be a girl band,
right mystery girls?
Posted: Sep 29, 2005 6:33 pm
The Snail Trails
Posted: Sep 29, 2005 6:33 pm
The Skeets
Posted: Sep 29, 2005 6:34 pm
The Slip-n-Slides
Posted: Sep 29, 2005 6:34 pm
Leather Box
Posted: Sep 29, 2005 7:51 pm
peggy sue miscarried
Posted: Sep 29, 2005 8:25 pm
The Potentials
Posted: Sep 29, 2005 10:22 pm
I'm sticking with Fasterbation.
Posted: Sep 30, 2005 8:08 am
stick with the 3 name band theme:

Mighty Cock Licks
Goner Nerds Post
Three Doors Down Syndrome ( ooopsa thas four words..)
Bush Fuxx Cheney

etc... it'll get better Joe..!
Posted: Sep 30, 2005 5:31 pm
Buddy Dirthole and the Streaks
Posted: Sep 30, 2005 7:57 pm
right mystery girls?

or Knoxville Girls... Are they still together?
Posted: Sep 30, 2005 8:01 pm
Or "The Girls"
Posted: Sep 30, 2005 8:10 pm | Edited by: paulyjerkface
Boner Brahs
Quick Cummerz
Kamikaze Fistfux
Thee Molding Gash
Laughing Rapists
Cancer Lovers
Plastic Turdz
Posted: Sep 30, 2005 8:29 pm
Aborted Blacks
Posted: Sep 30, 2005 8:32 pm
or, Black Abortions
Posted: Sep 30, 2005 8:46 pm
The Segre-Gatorz
Posted: Oct 1, 2005 1:00 am
If I was indie rock girl, I would get my cute indie girl friends together and start a clever girl pop band called The Faux Paws.
Posted: Oct 1, 2005 2:32 am
Urine Nation
Anal Bum Cover
Posted: Oct 2, 2005 5:55 pm
Coke Darts
Posted: Oct 2, 2005 8:55 pm
Buddy Dirthole

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