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Posted: Sep 12, 2005 12:15 am
It was reported on Yahoo's I'm ok board that Mr. Dale Ashmun was ok and headed to stay with family in Missouri.
Posted: Sep 12, 2005 12:31 am
awsesome. MR DALE, come visit some time!
Posted: Sep 12, 2005 1:14 am
yay....dale. chris are you still at andrea's?
Posted: Sep 12, 2005 3:17 am
Womb Raider was me.

Dale, come on and visit sometime!
Posted: Sep 12, 2005 3:25 am
I'm really glad to hear this! I've been thinking about him a lot, hoping he'd show up alive and well.
Posted: Sep 12, 2005 3:37 am
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