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Posted: Sep 7, 2005 9:52 pm
not sure if this was posted here already or not:


As many of you know, our friends Quintron & Miss
Pussycat were living in the 9th Ward of New Orleans, one
of the areas that was hit very hard by Katrina. The good
news is, they were able to escape with their lives and
enough instruments to tour with. The bad news is that
they lost everything else, including their home
(Specllcaster Lodge) and all their belongings.

Other fine folk from the scene there (MC Trachiotomy,
Stranebone) stayed behind to weather the storm and help
their neighbors get to safety. On day six of the storm,
they had guns pulled on them by the "real" cops, who
showed up 6 days into the storm. However, I don't think
this will deter further efforts to help. Anoinette K-Doe is
staying behind to save her Mother-In-Law empire, but she
need water, fuel, food and ammo.

Quintron & Miss Pussycat have set up a fund, the money
from which will go towards rebuilding the Spellcaster
Lodge and helping all the other people from the 9th Ward
who need it. Obviously, you should donate to whatever
fund you see fit, but at least here, you know exactly
where the money will be going. Q, P, Trach and many
others have a great community spirit and care very much
about the neighborhood in which they live, and have put a
lot of love into making their neighborhood a special place.

If anyone is interested in donating (even $5 or $10 bucks
is an immense help), they have a Paypal account set up.
Here is the e-mail address:


Thanks for reading.


Jim Magas
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