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Posted: Sep 2, 2005 7:30 pm
Posted: Sep 2, 2005 8:12 pm
Terrible. Mockery through a cartoon squirrel trying to promote the seriousness of the situation!?!? So bass ackwards. Personally I'd like to see more news coverage to the point where people in every corner of the world couldn't sleep at night. I can't think of anything worse than babies not having WATER to drink.
I am seeing so much red I really need to get away from this keyboard before I smash something.
Posted: Sep 2, 2005 9:13 pm
Fucking assholes. Let's stick 'em in the middle of the shit going on and watch try to laugh their way outta that.
Posted: Sep 2, 2005 9:22 pm
i didn't think it was funny, i thought it was accurate
Posted: Sep 3, 2005 8:14 am
This is absurd. I'm not saying to bust up every strore and steal DVD's but if I was there, I'd be looting food and water like crazy, just every single person alive. As far as News, this story needs to get out there. Journalists are there to observe and report. We had food dropped in two days after the Tsunami hit across the fucking world, yet in a central port it takes 4-5 days. Bullshit. I start my training with the Red Cross here in Mytle beach monday and should be deployed in a couple weeks. Be looking out for me.
Posted: Sep 4, 2005 1:24 am
i didn't think it was funny,i thought it was accurate[i

I didn't think you thought it was funny either. That still don't mean some trust fund douchebag has the right to comment on shit they haven't seen first hand.

For once,something is beyond being made fun of... this is a SERIOUS humanitarian crisis and needs to be dealt with as such. We'll have plenty of time for all this other shit later if it ever ends(?).
Posted: Sep 4, 2005 10:13 am
your upset begs an important question:

where are the busloads of people who are supposed to be coming to memphis that need our aid and assistance? where is the leadership from within local, state, and federal government to point people who want to help in the right direction?

a lot of people (myself included) want to help the people in need but i have personall been told by volunteer memphis that there were too many volunteers, too much food and too much clothing for the amount of people currently here from the gulf.

the flow of people is all being controlled by the national guard, the american red cross can't even get into new orleans to deliver food, shelter, and medical supplies to people there because of martial law, it took five days for any real action on the part of those in charge to do anything about the crisis, and during that entire time there were news helicopters flying over and reporters in the streets asking a lot of questions that people watching in other parts of the united states and the world saw as some twisted form of entertainment.

the price of gas is so prohbitive, people who could have afforded to get in their cars and go to where people were stranded can't afford to do it now -- even the trust fund douchebags are being hit in the pocket.

so you're left with a shitload of people who all want to help but have nothing to tell them how they can and a shitload of people who could have helped but were told not to help that didn't.

it's so fucking messed up and i am so fucking sick and angry right now i don't know what to do or how else i should feel.
Posted: Sep 4, 2005 10:39 am
where are the busloads of people who are supposed to be coming to memphis that need our aid and assistance?

I am so glad to know you're all about helping. Yes, the help to the lower gulf was lacking. Those responsible will see their day. The relief effort is complex, and everyone wishes there was some kind of hammer and anvil approach. Bless you for wanting and feeling compelled to help. I salute you.

However, I can tell you there was estimated to be, roughly, 10,000 displaced folks in town (I'll have to look up the link again). Today, in the wufchase area, I saw no less than 3 buses at a few hotels.

'Round the Sycamore View exit, there were quite a fe few folk, too. Act local, my friend. the folks will make it here, in spite of the delay of administration.

What's REALLY PISSING ME OFF, is the Memphis regular bums (yes, I said it, BUMS), who are changing their "I need three-fifty to get some gas to pick up my family in West Memphis" bum-regulars who are now changing their story to "I just got in from New Orleans/Biloxi/Gulfport, and we can't survive" shit. True story. This one dude's ass can be found 'round the Family restaurant at Sycamore View and "whatrever" Oaks Drive (the name of the crossways escapes me).

I digress.

Indie, turn your frustration into activity. We have a long weekend, and you can help.

Rock on, y'all.
Posted: Sep 4, 2005 10:47 am
A way you can help...
In spite of the gas prices, offer to help relocated NOLA people find a temp apartment, or drive them around rental/forsale house if they don't want to move back.

Money and people are finally coming in droves. Figure out a niche. Driving folks (especially Goners) around town is a definite need.
Posted: Sep 4, 2005 10:48 am
Money and people are finally coming in droves.

And I ain't sayin' Quit, neither.
Posted: Sep 4, 2005 10:59 am
it took five days for any real action

there was nothing WE as Memphians coulda done about this as of tuesday and that is the most frustrating thing.

i am so fucking sick and angry right now i don't know what to do

yeah, I certainly don't feel like going to bar and partying this weekend even though that's what people jokingly say would be in the New Orleans spirit, fuck that, I'm not a cheerleader...and I think the cartoon squirrell was his way of venting and dealing with it.

The best way I can think of to help since we aren't electrical workers or doctors or people with TONS of money is to plan some future clean up/repair effort for friends and friends of friends and neighbors of friends. I think to get people back living there as soon as possible will get things going again for our displaced friends and aquantences.

People who hate our government were way to passive about letting the election go to the republicans by not voting and I honestly believe a democrat (maybe John Carey, a former soldier) would have approached this situation differently.

I know whatever I think doesn't even fucking matter and it doesn't help find trapped hopeless people stuck in their houses, but I just wanted you to know others are up tonight worrying about it too.

As for me, I've offered my house, no one's taken me up on it yet, no one has contacted me about this goner donation/cookout thing or that benefit show friday...my electricity was off until thursday so I wasn't following the goner board posts and frankly I just can't help locally until someone asks me for help.
Posted: Sep 4, 2005 11:02 am | Edited by: Jack Stands
By the way, I just watched the link above.

True, Why does Geraldo still have a fucking job?

He gave away troop positions in Iraq, and is now trying to bounce crying babies into "shus baby" status.

Media is a ring of anus.
Posted: Sep 4, 2005 11:07 am | Edited by: uleeshuh
yeah, and let ONE lady speak into the mic that she is looking for her family members, why don't they pass the mic around?!?
Posted: Sep 4, 2005 11:10 am
Soooo agreed.

Bed! It's mornig! I'm going there now!

Night, y'all.
Posted: Sep 4, 2005 11:31 am | Edited by: Jack Stands

I got in bed, had the tv on, and Richard fucking Simmons is trying to say some prayer for the folks on Larry King. Gulf coasters, I hope you feel better.

Off, tv. Off.

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