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Posted: May 16, 2005 11:57 pm
Big Balls. there's more of em. and besides who knows how long the pack has been holdin out in that bomb shelter.
Posted: May 17, 2005 12:33 am
Pack all the fuckin way...better record and real criminal records

PVC would be a more worthy opponent than Big Balls and the GWI
Posted: May 17, 2005 2:39 am
SLIME for their name... but the Pack rule germania.
Posted: May 17, 2005 3:20 am

PVC would be a more worthy opponent than Big Balls and the GWI

Agree. I don't know who would win that one.
Posted: May 17, 2005 6:49 am | Edited by: Useless Eater
Pack has better songs, and they only had the album and the single.

Big Balls first album kills, but "Foolish Guys" is only 1/2 good, "In Search For Love" has a song, and "The Big Waltz" has a few goodies. Sound like post 6 song Trio record after that.

PVC, goddamn. "Wall City Rock" and "Punk Rock Berlin" have like 60 songs between the 2 of them. Almost all are very very nice.

So, the Pack is tops since they made 1 real album, and I appreciate albums cuz I'm all 70's AOR stinkified. Then you've got "C'mon" on the single, wheeee!

The real question for me would be trying to figger out which Belgian album would win: Kids s/t, Raxola s/t, or Hubble Bubble s/t.
Posted: May 17, 2005 6:55 am
And I heard that Bateman has a copy of the Pack playing live or on some movie or some shit. Coveting.
Posted: May 17, 2005 7:01 am
I've gots a copy of the Pack doing two songs from some crazy movie and it's great. a little blurry but awesome!
Posted: May 17, 2005 7:14 am
Stop tormenting me! Todd, I don't have a pretty face, but would the handshake and beer work to see this video?
Posted: May 17, 2005 7:18 am
PVC is the best of the bunch, but it's hard to treat them the same since they weren't really heard until those reissues came out (what, 50 copies of the 2xLP were made?).

Up until about a year ago I'd have said The Pack, but the first BB&TGWI LP has become a turntable favorite of late, and I might have to pick it. That first Slime EP is a fucking mosnter, too (I've never heard anything else by them).
Posted: May 17, 2005 11:48 am
The Pack have a single? Is it part of the Incognito LP? Can you still get it?
Posted: May 17, 2005 2:29 pm
half of it is on bloodstains across germany. i don't know if its on the incognito LP, though.

hubble bubble is the best of belgium. but to be honest i haven't heard anything of raxola other than that 84's man song.
Posted: May 17, 2005 3:19 pm
I don't understand why people like PVC so much. The Pack!
Posted: May 17, 2005 4:02 pm
I like PVC, but I never really feel like listening to them. The Pack are one of my all-time favorites, and I still listen to the LP on a regular basis many years on. I'll take the first 2 Kids albums over anything else Belgian, but Raxola isn't that far away.
Posted: May 17, 2005 5:11 pm | Edited by: zac
Pack, yeah, still probably number 1 just because the records so good... the whole single is on a killed by death - different version of 'better get ready' with longer breaks before returning to the rock is the flip of "com' on" I think. There are a couple of videos - one from a movie of them tearing up a disco tek to the single and there's a vidoe of the reunion show from the mid-90s that's great too.

balls #3 is the surprise killer balls - just got a few back in and it's the first time I've seen it in 3 or 4 years. Way better than foolish guys. Way different from first record - but amazing.

ANd PVC stuff is killer. wall city rock! wish incognito kept those 10"s in print, along with the pack record.

Belgium: Hubble Bubble, Kids, Naughty Kids, Raxola for LPs...

what about sweden and finland? eppu normaali, kriminella gitarrer, ypo-viis, rude kids, pf commando, attentat, problems, sensuuri, GLO, rottweiler, stry and stripparna...

punks in clogs!
Posted: May 17, 2005 5:20 pm
Christoph at Incognito said (a few months ago) that they may be reissuing the Pack LP soon, since the '95 pressing was getting almost $40-50 on the ol' ebay.
Posted: May 17, 2005 5:30 pm
Pack would win! Didn't anyone else read about the "Great Berlin Pimp Fight" or whatever the hell they called it in the liners of that '95 re-ish?
Posted: May 17, 2005 5:35 pm
Eppu Normaali's first LP is great.
Posted: May 17, 2005 6:38 pm | Edited by: Useless Eater
The Pack single is "C'mon" b/w "Harakiri". I was always like, shit, that Infections song is really cool. Wait, that's a cover, I just leveled.

PF Commando's guitar crunch is amazing, check the guitar break in "Suburban Kid" and move your head side to side like chimp.

Hubble Bubble would win in my house. The audacity of putting "Pogo Pogo" on there two times in a row, the silly noises, the sludge. Their choice of covers is fucking retarded, "Born A Woman" is some Joan Baez sounding jam.

Raxola I really dig especially after hearing that they were offered a contract if they would make themselves sound more punk. True or not, what kind of evil waffle eatin motherfucker could write "Thalidomide Child"?

I got a boot of the first Rude Kids album on one side and a bunch of singles on the other side. Turbonegro borrowed just a lil' bit from them. Must get Eppu Normaali lp.

Some soulseek people got some downloading to do. Tried to keep this short, but nerded the fuck out.
Posted: May 17, 2005 10:16 pm
I tried to catch the ball but I got it in my face.
Posted: May 18, 2005 2:23 am
dont forget about the razors...tasty
did that pack album ever get reissued? All i got is a cassette copy and its missing...FUCK!
like the raxola tracks (mucho mucho) on bloodstains, is the LP still in print?
Love PVC's punk rock berlin (except for "razorblade")...told that wall city was a waste of time...is it true?
PF commando DESTROYS!
dont think i've heard hubble bubble...

anything else i'm missing out on?
Posted: May 18, 2005 2:29 am | Edited by: clubber lang
thanks to every one for makin me pull out those "bloodstains" comps.

my father IS a facist
Posted: May 18, 2005 3:06 am
did that pack album ever get reissued? All i got is a cassette copy and its missing...FUCK!

Legit reissue by Incognito maybe 10 years ago. It was originally released in Germany as well as Canada (?!?).

like the raxola tracks (mucho mucho) on bloodstains, is the LP still in print?

Raxola LP is insanely rare, and from the looks of what some folks are paying on ebay for the boot (done around the same time as Hubble Bubble, Ivy Green, 1st 2 Kids LPs, PF Commando, etc) the reissue doesn't turn up very often, either.

told that wall city was a waste of time...is it true?

Nope, it's great.
Posted: May 18, 2005 4:46 am
"Wall City Rock" is better than the other one, just my ears dough.

Kids s/t, Naughty Kids, Hubble Bubble, Ivy Green, Raxola, Stalin, Jack & The Rippers, PF Commando all those albums were booted in 1997 or 1998. The boots go for crazy amounts on eBay, but are still 1/2 or so of the original flava.

I know that both Kids lps have been booted multiple times cuz you can still find them lots of places, no way someone pressed 5,000 copies of each 8 years ago.

Besides those 2 boots, everything else is collector eBay market. there's a PVC cd of "Punk Rock Berlin" chillin at my local store.

Beware Hubble Bubble 2nd album "Faking".

I need vinyl rips of PF Commando and Ivy Green. Can supply anything listed in my above posts in trade.
Posted: May 18, 2005 6:08 am
I need vinyl rips of PF Commando

theres a PF commando record at music express "manipulerde mongon"

do you like politics...no no no, no no no
do you like disco freaks...no no no, no no no

if its not there anymore you can rip mine, i'll take the raxola.

you can reach me at (269) 555-PONY
Posted: May 18, 2005 6:26 am | Edited by: Useless Eater
Good onya.

and, if you'd listen to my radio show you'd hear Hubble Bubble a few times a week. Jes sayin.
Posted: May 19, 2005 8:12 am
Faking is pretty sucky.....some alright songs on it...

the boot of the 2nd Kids LP leaves off "The City is Dead" for some dumb ass reason.
Posted: May 31, 2005 4:01 pm
never saw the boot of the second hubble bubble, like to hear that one.

The first 3 eppu normaali LPs are all great -- and there's a good double LP of live stuff from 79 that's really good too. trying to get those in from scandanavia on CD... still in print up there.

the kriminella gitarrer comp LP that came out a few years back was magical. even the demos were amazing. the stry and stripparna single is great - the besokarna stuff was so so - garbochok not so good.

the rude kids comp of which you speak is good - really like to get ahold of the second LP though - i like the last two singles best - little more pop. anyone heard it?

gotta check w/ christoph on the pack repress. he's gotta do that. and all the rest of the back to fronts that he didn't already repress. and the pvc stuff.
Posted: May 31, 2005 4:59 pm
all that shite is on soulseek if you're itchin' for a listen....
Posted: May 31, 2005 5:52 pm
Was the repress of the first few Back To Front comps legit or not? Mine looks a lil bit ghetto. And I don't remember all of them being repressed, just 1 and 2. He needs to continue the Break The Rules stuff too, any word on that?

Yah, I heard 2nd Hubble Bubble lp from sharing.
Posted: Jun 1, 2005 5:11 pm
I thought he did the BTF reissues, and then cut it off for some reason. ANd the break the rules weren't incognito were they? it was the same guy that did back to front, but he left incognito I think. Need 7 real bad. but yeah, be great if he started it back up again. Only knew about 1 and 2 getting repressed.

gotta figure out that soulseek one of these days...
Posted: Jul 26, 2005 5:46 am
Must get Eppu Normaali lp.
Ivy Green,
PF Commando
Naughty Kids
rude kids
2nd Hubble Bubble

any cool kids wanna give me their Soulseek name out if they have any of this? i've got lots of good punk and rarities on there to trade.
Posted: Jul 26, 2005 6:05 am
I've got Ivy Green and Eppu Normaali

Posted: Jul 26, 2005 8:30 am
" hang yourself from an appletree "

kick her in the dirt- that shit is rulin! so is Splash 4 cover!!!!( i love Lili Z!)

PVC- sheeeeit!!! German punks with mustache. Im now growing a "stache" in respect of all German punk..!
Posted: Jun 10, 2011 9:02 pm
"Germany's best cast band." RE: The Pack.
Posted: Jun 11, 2011 12:35 am

Posted: Jun 11, 2011 12:41 am
this leaves no doubt about who's the best...

Posted: Jun 11, 2011 1:23 am
Eppu Normaali's first LP is great.

Hubble Bubble would win in my house.

i'd say the fun things. no, eater take the cake. NO, WAIT: it's the PAGANS!!!
Posted: Jun 11, 2011 9:46 am
pack are the best band, but 'kick her in the dirt' might be the best song
Posted: Jun 11, 2011 11:14 am
6 years ago the Pack from that one movie wasn't on YouTube to be taken down every few months and Sniper hadn't gotten the first two Hubble Bubble LPs and first Raxola LPs redone legit. And the first 2 Kids LPs got the same treatment. Many thanks.
Posted: Jun 11, 2011 3:42 pm
this leaves no doubt about who's the best...

that was THE SHIT.
Posted: Jun 11, 2011 10:25 pm
This is choice material right here
Posted: Jun 11, 2011 10:26 pm
Posted: Jun 11, 2011 10:34 pm
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