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Posted: May 6, 2005 2:47 am
Hey ! I just rescued a little white dog from a shelter, and he needs a name. He's a shihtzu, I think ? Whatever the case, he's cute, and he needs a good name. Like uh, Fluffhead ? Suggestions are welcome...
Posted: May 6, 2005 2:48 am
I'm bad at this.
Posted: May 6, 2005 2:56 am
That's awesome! I need a puppy real bad. Call him Monkey.
Posted: May 6, 2005 3:11 am
Shit Sue.
Posted: May 6, 2005 3:18 am
pickles the puppy.
Posted: May 6, 2005 4:32 am | Edited by: Hadda Bad Day
Everyone needs a pet named either Mike or Mad Dog, if it's a boy pet.
Posted: May 6, 2005 4:37 am
Posted: May 6, 2005 4:41 am
Posted: May 6, 2005 5:41 am
name your animal after another animal, like call it "Bear" or "Wolf" cause that's always funny
Posted: May 6, 2005 6:16 am
Or maybe Geechie Guy.
Posted: May 6, 2005 6:59 am

Posted: May 6, 2005 10:27 am
We have TWO shihtzus named Fudge and Lui (pronounced Louie). They fight like bears and shit a whole lot. They like srambled egg, heavy on the milk. They're alotta fun. They're a kinda golden colour. They stink. I think shihtzus originate from Tibet so call yours Wong Tong or something.
Posted: May 6, 2005 12:30 pm
Sand King
Mr. Paw
Posted: May 6, 2005 12:39 pm
I guess Brian Costello is out of the question huh?
Posted: May 6, 2005 12:49 pm
Posted: May 6, 2005 1:00 pm
Dee Dee
Posted: May 6, 2005 1:40 pm
There's a few pictures of my dogs here:


The first is the shihtzu we had when I was a kid.

That link ain't gonna work.
Posted: May 6, 2005 2:26 pm
Barking Spider
Tits McGhee
Posted: May 6, 2005 2:35 pm
I married into a Shihtzu, and he is the best dog ever! I was never really a small dog guy, but he has the most personality of any dog I've ever known. Congratulations!

But our dog looks like a cross between an Ewok and a Gremlin before they get water or eat after midnight or whatever, so maybe something to do with one of those?
Posted: May 6, 2005 3:45 pm
I was gonna say, if it's a bulldog, name it Dumptruck or Go-kart. That's my plan when I get one of those. I love 'em!
Posted: May 6, 2005 3:49 pm
MC Bizzy Bone
Posted: May 6, 2005 3:53 pm
I always liked pet names that were either real human sounding like Steve or Jeff, or names that are overly cute sounding like Mr. Flufflenuffles or Poofernoofers.
Posted: May 6, 2005 3:54 pm
Posted: May 6, 2005 4:10 pm
Hot Dog
Posted: May 6, 2005 4:17 pm
Posted: May 6, 2005 4:55 pm
Posted: May 6, 2005 5:03 pm
Posted: May 6, 2005 5:15 pm

Congrats, Alex!
Posted: May 6, 2005 5:17 pm
cream stain, powder puff, meatball, bitch, white chocolate, sugar, china white, huffy, narcaine, king kong, dong a long a ling long, ling ling, cheetah, ching chong, congo, cha cha, maraca, rotini, ravioli, tuna, tuna melt, smelt, chicken wing. Need more.
Posted: May 6, 2005 5:26 pm
Bonzer, Sparky, Dave, Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch
Posted: May 6, 2005 5:33 pm
I just got a puppy last Friday myself. He's a Doberman/Rottweiler mix. His name is Zoltan, Hound of Dracula. Or Zoltan for short.
You could name your dog:

--Kool Aide Man
--Captain Crunch
--Mr. T
--Clint Howard
--Lil' Broseff
--T-Bag Malone
--Woody Harrelson
--Uncle Wiggily
Posted: May 6, 2005 5:37 pm
Posted: May 6, 2005 5:42 pm
Posted: May 6, 2005 5:45 pm
Mr. Mineo, Hunter, Snot
Posted: May 6, 2005 6:31 pm
Ha ha, a lot of those are hilarious ! Thanks guys !

These are the ones I like so far:
Dee Dee
Ding a ling a ding dong
Woody Harrelson
Neuti (for neutered)
White China
Mister Poofernoofers
Posted: May 6, 2005 6:35 pm
I pick him up today at 5:00 ! What's sort of hilarious is that he's this adorable little white dog, but he was stray, so he kinda looks like a homeless high society woman. Ya know, a dirty mink coat and fucked up pearls. I'll post photos (how do you do that ?)
Posted: May 6, 2005 6:37 pm
Posted: May 6, 2005 6:39 pm

or Dutch Hercules.
Posted: May 6, 2005 6:51 pm
Mister Poofernoofers
Believe me, you're going to call him things like that anyway, so you might as well give him a real name and then just let the nicknames flow. I have about 20 nicknames for my dog, all of which he knows...
Posted: May 6, 2005 6:56 pm
Barksley Barkington
Posted: May 6, 2005 6:56 pm
or Dogsley Doggingston
Posted: May 6, 2005 6:57 pm
HAHA! I think we have 2 new leaders!
Posted: May 6, 2005 7:00 pm
Jasper Alabama
Brian (cause Family guy rocks)

Dogs are the best animals ever. I have three and can not get enough of them. I have Abby also know as Abba-daba-doo (cute little mutt), Olive oil (1yr old total brat, german shepard), and Astro also known as Rastro (Olives boyfriend and playmate, german shepard). Down side, I have hair all over everthing.
Posted: May 6, 2005 7:07 pm
goddamn you people, didn't 'the jerk' teach us ANYTHING? the best dog name is SHITHEAD!
Posted: May 6, 2005 7:07 pm
Okay, seriously though

Barksley Doggingham. That's the one.
Posted: May 6, 2005 7:08 pm
What about Barksley Doggingston? Best of both worlds.

One of my dogs comes to work with me sometimes and he peed all over my desk TWICE yesterday. Sigh.
Posted: May 6, 2005 7:14 pm
I liked Mr. T, thats always a good name for a big dog.
Posted: May 6, 2005 7:23 pm
Ricola (!)
Turbo (!)
Posted: May 6, 2005 7:28 pm
Mr. Flufflenuffles or Poofernoofers

That's too funny, since I call my shih tzu "poof da woof" or "punkins a wunkin"

He loves it.
Posted: May 6, 2005 7:35 pm
actually i like 'here boy/girl' makes things easy(yeah, i read 'beloved').
Posted: May 6, 2005 7:53 pm
Calvin is the best dog name ever. Don't name him something he/you will regret. For example, I saw in the paper the other day a story about a little girl name Jetsetta... You have to take this responsibility very seriously. My dog gets embarrassed when he has a haircut.
Posted: May 6, 2005 8:12 pm

It would be sort of funny to yell "Come Stains!"
Posted: May 6, 2005 8:18 pm
Alex, i know the turmoil you are in. I will help you my pretty red hed rock queen!

Hitler (nah.)
Caporino ?
Der Shice Hount
Dutch Dog (nah.)
or my favorite....Bitey !!! ( as in "damn Bitey sure bites alot")
Posted: May 6, 2005 8:31 pm
Posted: May 6, 2005 9:20 pm
if you pick our name what do we win?
Posted: May 6, 2005 9:38 pm
fuck it.
you should name him parvo.
because thats what he's gonna die of,anyway.
Posted: May 6, 2005 9:43 pm
Name it Killer. Then teach it to sic ballz.
Posted: May 6, 2005 9:48 pm
I thought that was Chopper.
Posted: May 6, 2005 9:49 pm
Chopper sicked HELLA balls.
Posted: May 6, 2005 9:58 pm
Here it is: Barksley Waggington
Posted: May 6, 2005 9:58 pm
Posted: May 6, 2005 10:36 pm
Posted: May 6, 2005 10:38 pm
chantilly lace
Posted: May 7, 2005 1:38 am
It''s official ! The name has been selected, and he is home. He smelled like garbage so I washed him with Dawn, Shampoo, then Conditioned him. He got his balls chopped off today, so I had to be careful when I clipped all of the big dreadlocks off of him. But anyway, I wanted to name him Iggy, but it changed into Ziggy when I started "Iggy wiggy ziggy"-ing him.

So he is officially:

Ziggy Bowie McBarkington Osterbeck White

How do I post of photo of him in the thread ? He's super long with little stumpy legs !
Posted: May 7, 2005 1:39 am
Posted: May 7, 2005 1:48 am
Posted: May 7, 2005 2:37 am
I once hadda pet worm named Pizza.
Posted: May 7, 2005 5:53 pm
Shit, I thought Chopper had no ears.
Posted: May 7, 2005 7:25 pm
Posted: May 7, 2005 7:38 pm
Professor Underwear
Posted: May 7, 2005 7:41 pm
Posted: May 7, 2005 9:08 pm
Posted: May 7, 2005 11:01 pm
Punchy (?)
Dude (cant go wrong with that one.. "Commere Dude..." everyone will think your talking to them.. ha hahah.)
Rover Oblivian
Swadling (u. eater was in my mind when i came up with that one)
Chuckles (remember that gi joe figure?)
Posted: May 7, 2005 11:03 pm
Sir Barks and Bites.
Sir Barksalot
Sir Barksalittle...
Posted: May 8, 2005 5:22 am
Shihtzu's are all named Bandit....don't be the wierdo who calls yours something different....I don't know if it's got to do with thier ugly overbites or thier wired temperments...but they all wear bandanas around thier necks and are called Bandit.
Posted: May 8, 2005 7:13 am
GONER is good.





Posted: May 8, 2005 7:14 am
ps: woozy.

Posted: May 8, 2005 6:35 pm
Lo mein!
Posted: May 9, 2005 12:57 am
Sky Saxon
Rocky Erikson? cant think of no more names.

Posted: May 9, 2005 5:47 pm
Mr. Christmas
General Dollar
Posted: May 9, 2005 10:57 pm
Hey so here's an update :

The dog mauled my mother's hand, bit me, and bit my brother and has since been euthanized by the pound from which it came !

I'm really depressed.
Posted: May 9, 2005 11:17 pm
oh shit.

i'm sorry.

dogs suck!
Posted: May 9, 2005 11:18 pm
Alex, that's HORRIBLE!!

Oh, and I never wished you a happy birthday. Um...I know your new dog just got euthanized and all, but...happy birthday?
Posted: May 10, 2005 12:20 am
Posted: May 10, 2005 1:16 am
Bitey or Asshole sounds more like it
or maybe Jack Henry Abbot
Posted: May 10, 2005 1:25 am
Time to get a cat.
Posted: May 10, 2005 2:37 pm
Give the pound another try, we got our dog, the best dog in the world, from the pound. No problems. He rules. No bites.

At least you didn't pay 500 dollars for a retarded Maltese like my parents did. Then, not only would you be depressed, but you would feel like a chump.
Posted: May 10, 2005 2:41 pm
Bitey or Asshole sounds more like it
or maybe Jack Henry Abbot

Bitesly Maulingham?
Posted: May 10, 2005 9:00 pm
Posted: May 10, 2005 9:03 pm
Hey Joe, if you remember Jim Sr., the window guy, he had a black Lab, a white Lab/mutt and a Golden Retriever.
Their names were Blacky, Whitey and... you guessed it... Goldey.
Posted: May 10, 2005 9:04 pm
Come here Goldey!
Come on!
Good dog.
Posted: May 10, 2005 9:09 pm
Hey Joe, if you remember Jim Sr., the window guy, he had a black Lab, a white Lab/mutt and a Golden Retriever.
Their names were Blacky, Whitey and... you guessed it... Goldey.

Kinda like how you're called red eyeed willie! Same concept...
Posted: May 10, 2005 11:25 pm
I've always wanted to name a dog Mr. Wiggles, no matter what the breed.......actually a bull mastiff or some demon dog would be even better named that

nobody steal my name
Posted: May 10, 2005 11:27 pm
There is a boxer named Wiggles down the street from me.
Posted: May 10, 2005 11:36 pm
has to have Mr. in front to lend it that air of sophistication

Wiggles just sounds like some Dead End Kid
Posted: May 11, 2005 2:11 am
Mr. Wiggles is a breakdancer name.
Posted: May 11, 2005 2:21 am

he's my dog, not my dawg
Posted: May 11, 2005 2:26 am
Posted: May 11, 2005 2:31 am
R.I.P. Ziggy, we hardly knew ye.
Posted: May 11, 2005 3:08 am
I wrote a littany in haiku for my first dog I ever had that ran away a bit later (about two years ago). Please imagine your own performance art piece:

Roaming Gosh damn dog!
Only had you Nineteen hours.
Stray with Rambling Mind.

You should be a song
By the damn Allman Bothers.
Where did you go, dog?

Flea-ridden Mongrell
I bought medicine for you
And you had to leave.

Felt sorry for you
Go. Just go, you stupid bitch
Donít Crap in my yard.

Stay away from here.
You ainít welcome any more.
I left some food out.
Posted: May 11, 2005 3:33 am
A boxer does not make a very good demon dog. They seem too nice. The name "Wiggles" may get better as a dog gets fatter and older. "Mr. Wiggles" should be a Chow. Any Chow owning goners out there? I hate your dog.
Posted: May 11, 2005 3:39 am
Posted: May 11, 2005 3:48 am
The name "Wiggles" may get better as a dog gets fatter and older.
I dunno, they get a lot shaki-er as they get older...
Posted: May 11, 2005 3:49 am
Color me redundant for the mis-read.
Rock on, MBarker.
Posted: May 11, 2005 4:08 am
Don't be stealing my name, joe!
Posted: May 11, 2005 5:34 am
Posted: May 11, 2005 5:17 pm
Yeah, but boxers are theeee wiggliest dogs ever.
Posted: May 11, 2005 5:41 pm
Jack Stands, that's a hilarious poem. I wonder if I picked up your lost dog...Chili, my dog that died a couple weeks ago, died on the last day we had medication for him. Good dog ! Doggie medicine is ridiculously expensive.

So I guess the newest development on my dog quest is to buy a miniature poodle for $1,200 from McHenry county. He's been tested for all sorts of genetic diseases and stuff, and apparently is very cute. I wonder what I shall name him...

*dun dun dun* PART II
Posted: May 11, 2005 5:44 pm
lamb puppy?
Posted: May 11, 2005 5:44 pm
Posted: May 11, 2005 5:51 pm
MC Barks-alot
Posted: May 11, 2005 5:55 pm
Puffy Poofingham
Posted: May 11, 2005 8:48 pm
Son of Bitesly Maulingham
Posted: May 11, 2005 8:56 pm
Posted: May 11, 2005 9:00 pm
Posted: May 11, 2005 9:18 pm
Posted: May 13, 2005 3:43 am
Man, that's a drag about Bitey. Sorry to hear that. But when you get your next dog, how about naming him or her...HASIL!!!

And don't give up on the pound. Them doggies need you. Good strong genes too (hmm...maybe too strong in Bitey's case...)
Posted: May 13, 2005 7:49 am
i jjust met this dog named pizza the other day and thought of this thread... you should name your next dog after some good eats
Posted: May 13, 2005 6:13 pm
Posted: May 13, 2005 10:36 pm
i just met this dog named pizza the other day and thought of this thread... you should name your next dog after some good eats

pets should always be named after food. my cat's name is tater. the next one will be fishstick or hot pocket.
Posted: May 14, 2005 7:08 pm
here's a picture of my new pet dog.. I named him "bitesly waggles barkington IV." he mostly likes to sit on the porch.

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