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Posted: May 2, 2005 8:48 am
Hugh Grant! What a shite excuse for an actor. I'd like to cut his ears off! Who does everyone else hate?
Posted: May 2, 2005 9:15 am
Posted: May 2, 2005 9:43 am
I don't much care for Larry The Cable Guy, and his "Git-R-Done"......but I think the most painful torture should befall his fans, especially anyone with Git-R-Done written on their hat, bumpersticker, shirt, or tattoo.
Posted: May 2, 2005 11:50 pm
Americans' obsession with the lowest common denominator..ie: Paris Hilton, Pres. Bush and/or dipshit wife, gangsta rap, Toby Keith, Donald Trump, Everybody loves Raymond, Arnold the governator, Billy Bob and Angelina and Brad and Jennifer..the list goes on. Makes me want to kill.
Posted: May 3, 2005 1:03 am
peabo bryson and roberta flack
Posted: May 3, 2005 1:14 am | Edited by: Al B Toklas
Ray Conniff and Herb Alpert
Posted: May 3, 2005 1:37 am
I had a dream the other night that I was dating Paris! What a fun dream. We were runnin around Dumbo doin all kinds of stuff. It was awesome. I wouldn't kick her outta the sack no way no how. It's all about standards champ. S-T-A-N-D-A-R-D-S.
Posted: May 3, 2005 1:57 am
al b sure and weird al
Posted: May 3, 2005 2:12 am
the past tense of "git 'er dunn" is apparently "got 'er did." that makes it funny to me.
Posted: May 3, 2005 3:51 am
"Git er done" is kind of funny really. It's at least amusing that so many people accept and aspire to be a"hillbilly" these days. Makes for a good time. Dtrain, I am not so sure you have many standards! HAHAHAHAHA
Posted: May 3, 2005 8:21 pm
I've never actually seen the white trash comedy hour (or what have you) but I know "giterdone" annoys the FUCK out of everyone aroudn me so I say it as much as possible. Please send flowers to my funeral.
Posted: May 3, 2005 8:24 pm
Larry the Cable Guy was in Port Huron last week. I'm still hearing "Git er Done" echoing through the city. I was talking to my redneck neighbor the other day and he was telling me how great Git Er Done's show was.
"You know. Git Er Done. He's on that Blue Collar TV show with You Might Be A Redneck."
Posted: May 3, 2005 8:35 pm
You're a Git Er Done.
Posted: May 3, 2005 8:39 pm
It seems that Comedy Central has dedicated 50% of their programming to those assholes. Atleast Larry the Cable Guy's standup is pretty funny....but the rest of those guys on the blue collar comedy thing fucking suck. I watched like 10 mins of the Blue Collar Comedy Hour or whatever it's called and it was fucking terrible.
Posted: May 3, 2005 8:41 pm
Larry the Cable Guy was not the first to pen "Git 'er done!" It's kinda sad to think that's his claim to fame, his "bread & butter". When used properly "Git 'er done!" is not funny. It means hurry your ass up and finish the job before beer:30.

To answer the thread, the new pope. He's just as bad as the last one.
Posted: May 3, 2005 9:02 pm
I hate anchovi pizza asparagus and peas wanting my desert and having to say please.
Posted: May 4, 2005 5:38 am
ive always been rattled by kevin costner and meg ryan
Posted: May 4, 2005 6:31 am
tom fucking hanks boils my blood...
and mayonaise- maybe they're related
Posted: May 4, 2005 7:08 am
Dennis Miller
Posted: May 4, 2005 10:44 am
stupid threads like this
Posted: May 4, 2005 1:33 pm
Brian Costello. What a fucking tool.
Posted: May 4, 2005 4:17 pm
Kids. Kids suck. They're too pissed off to talk to or reason with. Most of them have it way better than I did and they still act like they're "hard". I'd like to slap 'em "hard".
Oh, and said kid's parents, the real problem. Oh, and the gangsa rap actor's guild.
Posted: May 4, 2005 4:22 pm
Some fake as burritos. "Taco shells" also are hate worthy.
Posted: May 4, 2005 4:30 pm
Dennis Miller
No shit! I hate that fucking guy. why did you remind me he existed? my day is shit now.

Brain pull yourself together man.
Posted: May 4, 2005 8:37 pm
Yeah, that Dennis really turned into yet another NAZI. I think the Neo-Cons put something into the country's water supply. Damn!! Now I ruined my day. Fuck you Dennis!!
Posted: May 5, 2005 3:39 am
I had pretty much forgotten about Dennis Miller too until he was on The Daily Show the other day. It was so fucking agonizing to watch...if he would have tried any harder to push his conservative agenda to The Daily Show's audience I think he would have pulled a muscle.
Posted: May 5, 2005 3:46 am
Radio with Cuba Gooding Jr.
Posted: May 5, 2005 4:09 am
you watched that?
Posted: May 5, 2005 6:22 am
the two bickering homo dog owners on that bravo show about dog shows.
Posted: May 5, 2005 6:42 am
Tyra Banks
Posted: May 5, 2005 8:09 am
that's miss tyra to you.
Posted: May 5, 2005 8:26 am
my roommate right now
Posted: May 5, 2005 12:54 pm | Edited by: Rev_Dan
Steve Guttenburg, Wilford Brimley, Mustard, Jeff Goldblum, anything with "dill" in it (i'm allergic to dill)....

I never did get to watch Radio, but c'mon, Cuba Gooding Jr went from Snow Dogs to that Gay Boat movie to just playin' a retard with a football.... Fuckin' diverse actin' on his part!
Posted: May 5, 2005 2:38 pm
this dude my ex is staying with right now. he doesn't know it yet but when i go out to san diego to visit in 6 weeks i'm going to knock his fucking teeth down his throat.
Posted: May 5, 2005 3:19 pm
anything with "dill" in it (i'm allergic to dill)....

Must be tough then, being such a dillweed and all.
Posted: May 5, 2005 5:01 pm
that dumb bitch that thinks the bike lane is a passing lane. no windows were punched out.....this time.
Posted: May 5, 2005 8:47 pm
Phil Collins of course.
Posted: May 5, 2005 11:30 pm
Wilford Brimley

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