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Posted: Apr 21, 2005 8:01 pm
bazooks and ed, i'm guessing you have some insights...

just realized how much i love joe tex's verse in the soul clan's "that's how it feels." what else does a brother need to have by joe tex?
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 8:09 pm
Most of the 45's on DIAL are easy to find for cheap, and pretty good too!
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 8:13 pm
I love Chicken Crazy... I bought that 45 about a month ago for a dollar and just recently bought "Bumps & Bruises"... I'm not one for his late 70s disco groove stuff, but it's still pretty damn good....
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 8:17 pm
Ahhhh yes... I was tryin' to remeber the title for "Chicken Crazy." Thanks Rev! That's a good one, and on DIAL also.

Hey Dan, who helped you move? Did they get beer and pizza?
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 8:18 pm
thanks dudes. hey dan, did you get my e-mail on monday???
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 8:24 pm
i can tell you who DIDN'T help dan move, despite assuring him that help would be provided. but in my defense i lost the keys to my place (with no spares) and my phone so i kind of had more pressing issues (like getting back in doors) at the time.

but still, that sucked.
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 8:24 pm
Yeah, I bought Chicken Crazy at Reckless for $1.00... My girlfriend and I did the move. So yes, someone got beer and pizza and it was ME! You never told me who does that Chicago song though....

Kosta, I got it... Sorry 'bout not responding... Use my new e-mail address though... Problem is, is that without knowing which song BBQ was gonna do, he did Kick Your Ass as well. He recorded it with the Blacks....Go ahead and send me your version as well if you want....
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 8:27 pm
oh damn! dude, me v. bbq+the blacks = fuuuuuuck me. i'd take bbq + the blacks any day! i'll keep you posted the next few days as i finish mine up tho just for laughs.
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 8:30 pm
That's cool.... Yeah, BBQ gave me a list of about 4 songs that he was thinkin' of coverin', but the last e-mail I got was sayin' that he recorded that with them and for me to be expecting it in the mail sooon....
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 8:33 pm
I knew this would happen.

I got an mp3 of the sickest band on revdans comp last night, and it happenned to be my number one most requested O's song. I'm happy.
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 8:35 pm
Ghetto Ways?
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 8:42 pm
dan, did you get our cd?
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 8:43 pm
I sure did!!!! Fuckin' genius!
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 8:47 pm
cool. we're so pleased to be included. :)
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 8:54 pm
Joe Tex kicks mutha-fuckin' ASS!!!
Especially early crude stuff.
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 8:56 pm
so what's yr new e-mail address dan? send it to me off-board if you want...
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 8:59 pm
Here's some good 'uns:

Papa Was Too (DIAL 45) from '66

Davy, You Upset my Home (KING 45, comped on one of the Black Rock'n'Roll volumes) from '55. It's about the giant Davy Crockett craze of '55 and has some pretty funny lyrics.
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 9:01 pm
the label's email is: revituprecordsATcomcast.net
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 9:07 pm
outstanding. thanks!
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 9:07 pm
and joe, that crockett shit is coming back in '05. the 50 year reunion jam...
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 9:10 pm
I almost bought me a coon skin cap at Bonnie Springs Ranch outside Red Rock Canyon last week. I'm like, some kinda taste maker or somethin'.
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 9:13 pm
i'm gonna steal your crystal encrusted Sidekick and post all of your text messages on gawker.
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 9:17 pm
And just last Saturday afternoon I inquired about some leiderhosen at an antique store in Boulder City.
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 9:20 pm

i love the riff in Show Me. damn that song MOVES!
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 9:21 pm
Oh, I have a few insights. Talentless. Sleeps around. Uses certain independant record company owners for sex, then never calls them back again. Has a tendancy to be very rude to Cambodian Man Servents. Wait.....are we talking about Jotex, 13 year old Scandanavian pop star? Whoops, my bad. Fed Ex me?- Greg
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 9:22 pm
How do you maintain when typing? That's a fantastic skill!
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 9:26 pm
fluffers, dog. flu ffers.
Posted: Apr 21, 2005 11:58 pm
It's all good. Great, even. Hell, even that generally bad disco-era album has "Freddy's Dancin' With A Sissy", where Joe is concerned that his buddy doesn't know he's gettin' down with a gay dude. And he speculates: "Maybe it's okay - Freddy might be that way!"
Posted: Apr 22, 2005 3:49 am
Yep. Get it all, but start with Atlantic/Dial, then Chess, then Epic (I think). Best of comps on Charly and Kent are a great place to start for cheap. My favorite LPs are The New Boss, The Love You Save, Happy Soul, and Buying a Book.
Posted: Apr 22, 2005 4:49 am
Actually, now that I think about it, it's "Willie is Dancing With A Sissy", not "Freddie". Edit function, where are ya when I need ya? Some kinda slip, don't know how I got that wrong, but now that I look at the LP, there it is.

Maybe it's because Freddie, you are a total fag. Everybody knows it. There, I said it.
Posted: Apr 22, 2005 6:45 am
greg lowery, are you reallty gay? because you're awesome. will you consider a date with me?
Posted: Apr 22, 2005 7:05 am
Jenna, let's just say my Crime bootlegs aren't the only thing in my closet. That being said, I would love to have a shopping date with you. How does Garland, wine, and a trip to Mitch's Leather Gear shop sound? I have to go, somebody is being very bad and needs to be reminded of how much life better his new home is than his hut in Cambodia.......Google me?- Greg The Punisher.
Posted: Apr 22, 2005 2:35 pm
freddy, you didn't have to kiss the fag freddy.
Posted: Apr 22, 2005 3:19 pm
Doesn't he do "i want you" that the king sound quartet covered on their album a few years ago? that is a great tune.
Posted: Apr 22, 2005 3:20 pm
i love shopping! bring one grand to the city and we'll hit soho. and then we'll go to the MOMA for some de kooning and quiche.
Posted: Apr 22, 2005 4:05 pm
Bazooka Joe in Leiderhosen..??! I'd pay good money to see that!
Posted: Apr 22, 2005 4:20 pm
Yeah, even though it's credited to Ray Charles, Joe wrote I Want to Do Everything for You. Judge/Schooley cover most of the highlights. Another essential LP from Atlantic/Dial - I've Got to Do a Little Bit Better Than I've Been Doing. Great song: I'm a Man, with the immortal line: "If I was a song I'd like to be sung by the Rolling Stones." He also recorded for Ace and a couple of other labels after King but before Chess which was before Atlantic.
Bizarre: His final LP, He Who Is Without Funk Cast the First Stone, about the Jesus of Funk giving a kind of sermon on the dancefloor.
Posted: Apr 22, 2005 5:31 pm
Joe Tex Spills the Beans has a great cover with his name spelled out using green beans...
Posted: Apr 22, 2005 6:06 pm
King Sound Quartet covered "I Want to Do Everything For You" on the ITR 12" EP which will hopefully be re-issued on cd sometime later this year.
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