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Posted: Jan 26, 2017 3:34 pm
This is from Pete Slovenly. I've had numerous conversations with him about whether or not this is the right thing to do. All I can really tell you is that he's a smart feller and a bit of a dreamer, which, truthfully, I find to be pretty damn admirable. When it comes down to it, all he's trying to do is to show the world a rocking good time, especially in areas where it's needed. So take a look, make up your own minds, talk shit, spread the word like a pair of long silky l'eggs, and help out if you can. Me and Sixteene will be DJing the Puerto Rico edition. Hoping to have a Goners meet up there, since it seems way too hard for me to get to fuckin Memphis.

"For a couple of years now, we've been organizing the We're Loud fest. The first two editions were in Greece, which you've probably heard a lot about in the news the last couple of years because of their deep financial crisis. Last year was supposed to start in Turkey, but a bloody first half of 2016 led us to relocate.

This year we're planning events in Puerto Rico, and Mexico City. If you know anything about event production, you're sure to think we're crazy for planning festivals in these places. For one, flights will be required for the majority of the artists. And for two, both countries also happen to be in the middle of economic crises.
We could be organizing these events in Portland or Berlin -- and if we were, we'd be able to get enough money from ticket sales and certainly wouldn't be running a crowdfunding campaign. But we're more driven to bring these events to unlikely places. Places that don't get many festivals, where the locals will be extra appreciative.

But as our 2016 experience shows, it's quite risky. That's why we've decided to try the crowdfunding approach — so that at least the financial side of the risk can be taken collectively. We don't mind risking our time & energy, but it's a bit too much for us to be alone in bearing the financial risk.

We need funds to bring the musicians to Puerto Rico & Mexico. So far, we've committed to bringing two bands from Spain. Three will come from the USA. That's already got our expense total well over 10 thousand dollars.

The money from the tickets at the door will likely only be enough to cover the production expenses of the gig, food, and lodging for the artists. Especially considering that everyone's peso is worth 25% less since Trump has made his policies toward Mexico clear. And Puerto Rico's already uncertain economic future is now under an even bigger black cloud of WTF?

So if you're able to, please help us fund this thing. the show will go on most definitely for sure, but if we don't raise some outside cash and end up losing money, we won't take the risk again. If we meet our goal, we'll have enough to not only make sure that all the artists expenses are covered, but also to pay them a fee that they can use to cover some of their under-the-radar expenses (like guitar strings, drumsticks, rehearsal space rental, etc)


thanks - hope to see you at the fest or at a cool gig somewhere else!"
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