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Posted: Aug 6, 2015 12:52 pm
Just posted this on Termbo, thought I would hit anyone who doesn't cross pollinate. Very Goner-centric post. The King Louie 10-4 Backdoor release had me listening and thinking Louie. I might have been the only one to notice, but Heart of Chrome was played at three blackouts in a row at one point. I was at all of them and taped them. Thought I would post all of the sets from those three years. The Reatards set is a soundboard so the vocals are super heavy. I guess you could bitch about the shitty sound quality, but you weren't there 13 years ago taping this shit. Kajun SS and Persuaders I taped myself and sound better. Kajun SS, I believe, played some songs that were destined for their doomed second album. That Persuaders set might be my favorite Blackout set ever! Three guitar Persuaders line-up with Jaytard!

Also, sorry for the dropbox links, but I refuse to pay for soundcloud. All three of these shows were too much data for the free version.

Download and enjoy.

1) Reatards at The Empty Bottle in Chicago,IL 5/14/04
https://www.dropbox.com/s/dyy9n8ux0lw1wda/Reatards%20%40%20The%20Empty%20Bottle%20in% 20Chicago%2C%20IL%20May%2014%2C%202004%20Hozac%20Blackout.zip?dl=0

2) Kajun SS at The Empty Bottle in Chicago, IL 5/19/05
https://www.dropbox.com/s/xyd3uykioazniiv/Kajun%20SS%20%40%20The%20Empty%20Bottle%20i n%20Chicago%2C%20IL%20May%2019%2C%202005%20-%20Hozac%20Blackout.zip?dl=0

3) Persuaders (w/ Jay Reatard) at The Empty Bottle in Chicago, IL 5/27/06
https://www.dropbox.com/s/2qg7lnunbxt4i7g/Persuaders%20with%20Jay%20Reatard%20%40%20T he%20Empty%20Bottle%20in%20Chicago%2C%20IL%20%20May%2027%2C%202006%20Hozac%20Blackout .zip?dl=0

ps- If anyone has problems downloading, drop a line here so I can try and fix. If no one wants to download that's fine too, I guess. If this is the wrong forum, move at will
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