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Posted: Oct 17, 2012 7:47 pm
Just a quick note to let you know that the brand new studio album from M.O.T.O. has landed in the U.S.! It's called No Sleep 'Til Turku and has been released by three swell record labels out of Turku, Finland....Blast of Silence, Svart and Airiston Punk-Levyt. Eighteen big hits and it's a doozy! On top of that, we are now offering four different M.O.T.O. discount combo packs to save you loot! See the info below...

We are the exclusive North American wholesale distributor of M.O.T.O. releases from Blast of Silence/Svart Records in Finland, so if you work at and/or want your local record shack to stock these titles along with Rerun and BDR label releases, please get in touch for rates! Jason@RerunRecordsSTL.com

M.O.T.O.-No Sleep ´Til Turku LP/CD
(2012-Blast of Silence/Svart/Airiston Punk-Levyt)
Hard-On Rock´n Roll! New Orleans based garage punk / power pop legends M.O.T.O. are back with their tenth full length album. The Record is co-released by Airiston Punk-Levyt, Blast of Silence Records and Svart Records – all hailing from Turku, Finland. The songs on this album were recorded in studio "Dwyers" earlier this year while the primus motor of the band, Paul Caporino, visited Finland (early January 2012). The album was later mixed and mastered by Caporinos trusted man, Garret Hammond (Kill MOTO, Raw Power, etc), in Downers Grove, IL, USA. This time Paul Caporino brings you wore-down catchy and up-tempo tunes with a lo-fi, under produced sound guaranteed to rock your socks off! Visitors in this album consist from the cream of the alternative scene in Finland: Niila Kunnari (Boredom Boys, God Given Ass, The Heartburns) on drums, Kerttu Vauras (Khatarina, Kovaa Rasvaa) on guest vocals in "Big Emotional Life" and Mikko Luukko (Sweatmaster) on guitar – just to name a few. After 30 years Caporino still delivers and M.O.T.O. is very much alive and kicking! They don't regard him as the "Beatles of punk rock" for nothing! The most important genre release of 2012 so far?

Vinyl LP pressed on black vinyl and housed in a heavy gatefold jacket. CD packaged in a standard jewel case with promo/hype sticker on front.
Check out these sample tracks: Guitars Are Like Clothes and Hard On Rock n' Roll

Full track list and more info here: M.O.T.O. page

Order No Sleep 'Til Turku and other M.O.T.O. things (including the combo deals) here: MOTO STORE

Also available on Rerun and BDR Records:
**U.S. Customers pay $3.00 for 1 7" via 1st class or $4.00 flat rate shipping on any size order of Rerun, BDR or M.O.T.O. releases sent via Media Mail**
**Non-U.S. people - standard shipping rates apply (see store for details)**

SPECIAL OFFER on Rerun or BDR releases: Get any two LPs for $22 + postage or any four LPs for $40 + postage! (Does not include distributed M.O.T.O. titles - See M.O.T.O. specials below!)

Email for total or send payments to: Jason@RerunRecordsSTL.com
Full descriptions and cover art can be seen in the Rerun webstore: RERUN STORE

Rerun Records
-BOB-The Things That You Do b/w Thomas Edison 7" (2011-RERUN #005) - $6.00 each - Less than ten copies left!
-VOM-Live At Surf City 7"EP (2012-RERUN #006) $6.50 each (please specify B&W or color sleeve)
-The Reactors-It's Not Important b/w Cold Eyes 7" (2011-RERUN #008) $6.00 each
-Manic Depressives/0:30 Second Flash-split mLP (2011-RERUN #010) $12.00 each
-The Gruberger Brothers-Greetings From Reading, PA LP (2011-RERUN #012) $12.00 each
-M.O.T.O.-BOLT! LP (2012-RERUN #014) $12.00 each
-M.O.T.O.-E Pluribus M.O.T.O. LP (2012-RERUN #015) $12.00 each
-The Screamin' Mee-Mees-Comedy Hour CS/CDR (2012-RERUN #017) CS or CDR $5.00 each
-Bruce Cole-Oh, Lou Lost The Elvis Tapes CD/CDR (2012-RERUN #018) CS or CDR $5.00 each

Rerun Modern Releasing Company - non-reissue titles
-Medical Tourists-s/t LP (2012-RERUN #007/IMPEX 002) $12.00 each
-SYNTAX ERROR-s/t 7"ep (2012-RERUN #009/RMRC #998) $5.00 each
-Prefecture-s/t 7"ep (2012-RERUN #011/RMRC #997) $5.00 each

M.O.T.O.-CDR titles
-Pack Your Troubles (RR/MOTO-CDR #666)
-No Way Street (RR/MOTO-CDR #667)
-Raw Power (RR/MOTO-CDR #669)
-Live at the Lyon's Den, Chicago, IL January 24, 2003 (RR/MOTO-CDR #670)
-M.O.T.O. Goes Back To College (RR/MOTO-CDR #671)
-This Corpse Is A Warning (RR/MOTO-CDR #672)
-St. John The Bastard (RR/MOTO-CDR #674)
All M.O.T.O. CDR titles are $5.00 each or five for $20.00

BDR Records
-V/A-Test Patterns CD (BDR #1) $3.00 or free with purchase of any BDR LP
-Raymilland-Recordings '79-'81 LP+CD or CD (BDR #2) LP+CD package $12.00 each CD format in CD wallet $6.00
-The Welders-s/t 7"ep (BDR #3) $6.00 each (2nd pressing)
-The Retros-Inner City Rockers - The Retros 1979 LP (BDR #4) LP $12.00 each CD $6.00 each

Other M.O.T.O. titles available from Rerun and combo deals:
-M.O.T.O.-No Sleep 'Til Turku LP/CD (Finnish import) LP $13.50 each CD $9.50 each
-M.O.T.O.-No Way Street LP (Finnish import) LP $13.50 each
-M.O.T.O.ý-Live In Turku CASSETTE (Finnish import) Cassette $6.50 each (Last of the copies!)
-M.O.T.O.-Battle of the Band - Greatest Hits 1988-2005 CD (Australian import) $9.50 each
-M.O.T.O.-Spiral Slouch 7"ep Closet find/dead stock copies of 2003 EP - Long OOP! $7.00 each

Current M.O.T.O. combo deals: (Prices do not include shipping)
COMBO #1: No Sleep 'Til Turku LP & No Way Street LP $24.50
COMBO #2: No Sleep 'Til Turku CD & Battle of the Band - Greatest Hits CD $17.00
COMBO #3: No Sleep 'Til Turku LP, No Way Street LP, BOLT! LP & E Pluribus M.O.T.O. LP $45.00
COMBO #4: FIVE M.O.T.O. CDR titles (your choice) for $20.00

We also carry stuff from other labels: DISTRO STUFF

Get any FIVE Rave Up Records LPs for only $55 ppd in the U.S. or $50 + regular postage to other countries
These are $13-14 individually, which means you can save up to $20 with this deal! Some titles out of print and limited to stock on hand. First come, first served. Email to reserve/order: Jason@RerunRecordsSTL.com

Available Rave Up Records titles:
The 222's-She Wants Revenge LP
Contenders/Backstabbers-Live In The Big Sleazy LP
Jumpers(Italy)/198X-Palach Memorial LP
Kidz Next Door-s/t LP
The Names-Young Romantics LP
The Streetkidz-Looking For A Thrill LP
The Dawgs-Outside of Time LP
The Diodes-Time/Damage LP
Luxfero-New Hedonism LP
Gregor McKenzie and the Misanthropes-Torture that Girl LP
The Plod-Neo City LP
The Saucers/The Allies-East Bay Punks From the Streets of Berkeley 1978-81 LP
The Action-s/t LP
The Sinatras-Teddy Crashes Blond Dies LP
Victim-All Our Dreams Are Gone LP
Stormtroooper-I'm A Mess LP
Grim Klone Band-Blank Space LP
The Shit Dogs-World War III LP
The Spectacles-Re-Spectacled LP
Posted: Oct 18, 2012 2:07 am | Edited by: the rape ape
nice, lots of new stuff available
Posted: Oct 18, 2012 7:04 am
This is good to know.
Posted: Oct 19, 2012 11:32 am
New MOTO record is great and I also gotta pick up some of those Rave Up LPs. Cooooool.
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