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Posted: Jan 9, 2011 3:28 pm
this just struck me as funny, a real hoot. maybe it's the mood I'm in. I can't help but add commentary, (in bold)

http://folk-instruments.musiciansfriend.com/product/Lyons-The-Wazoomda shKazoo-with-Megaphone?sku=502295

"The Lyons Wazoo Kazoo with megaphone takes the safe and nearly indestructible classic American kazoo, adds a snap-in megaphone, and delivers a kazoo that definitely will be heard above the crowd."

Finally, a kazoo that won't get buried in the mix!

This excessively audible Lyons kazoo holds its own amid louder instruments. Kazoo megaphone available in patriotic colors.

These colors don't run!

Lyons The Wazoo-Kazoo with Megaphone Features:
Snap-in megaphone horn
High-tech, waterproof, custom-cut polyethylene paper resonator

High tech paper, huh? waterproof? I can play it in the rain!

Safety caps cannot be easily removed

whew, I wouldn't want to hurt myself, what with it being a kazoo and all

Snap your Wazoo megaphone onto your kazoo and play along with the loudest of instruments.

I can just picture the drummer, "hey can I get more drums in the monitor? All I can hear right now is kazoo."

And the two customer reviews are great

Posted by Anonymous Musician from OH on Oct 17, 2010
Experience w/product: I own it
Reviewer's Background: Engineer
Reviewer's Play Style: Various

Various, huh? Like blues kazoo, new wave kazoo, metal kazoo?

I can't believe no one's reviewed this yet.

You're the first!

The kazoo is already a viable instrument but the Wazoo goes even further. The bell can be muted with the hand for wah-like sounds but I also find the increased resonance of the added bell provides superior sound for contact mics, etc. No, it's not flashy or "cool" but for those situations where you're uninspired or where you just need a sound source, it comes in handy. You can even hook the megaphone part up to a sax mouthpiece if you really want to annoy someone... hahaha!


Posted by Anonymous Musician on Dec 31, 2010
Experience w/product: I own it
Reviewer's Background: N/A
Reviewer's Play Style: N/A

Like the review under me said, I cant believe no one else reviewed this. Its a standard, well working kazoo with a lot of strength, but it has a huge bell. The bell is made of a molded plastic the may eventually split, but duct tape will be all that it will need.

Not a problem

Back to the product, it is a must buy.

I'm on board already. I'm probably gonna get this.

You can control tone a LOT better than a normal kazoo,

whew, normal kazoo sounds are so uncontrollable

and it is certainly louder, what with the bell. Good price, good sound, good features. Go get it!

"I'm going to, look it's on sale! free shipping!

If I could stop laughing, I'd say something about this, and it's associated review!

http://folk-instruments.musiciansfriend.com/product/Lyons-Hummbucker-E lectric-Kazoo?sku=502296

Reviewer's Background: recording engineers, professional guitarist
Reviewer's Play Style: rock, indie

He's working the dials for some indie rock band, doing session work, and reviewing kazoos!
Posted: Jan 9, 2011 3:46 pm
only $2.95??? i'm on it!
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